Cyclist Accident Compensation Calculator

Have you been involved in a cycling accident and feel you can make a cycle accident claim? If a motorist has knocked you off your bike or you're the victim of another type of accident, you may be able to claim for compensation. Use our online bicycle accident compensation calculator and guide to find out how much you could claim depending on the injuries you've sustained.

Compensation for Cyclist Accidents

When compensation for a cycle accident claim is being assessed, various factors are taken into account to calculate the amount that a claimant will receive. One of these important factors to be assessed is the extent of the injuries sustained and the impact it has had on the victim. Compensation will also be calculated based on the age of the claimant with higher payouts typically awarded the younger the person is. Gender is also considered and females who received injuries such as scarring will typically receive more than males.

When it comes to the severity of the cycle injuries sustained, each cycle accident claim will be decided on its own individual facts. How much you can be entitled to depends on how you have been affected by the bicycle accident. A minor injury to one person may be quite severe to another person and thus the latter may be able to obtain more compensation, especially if there is a psychological development on top of the physical injuries.

Cyclist Accident Compensation Calculator 2020

To help provide you with some information about typical cycle accident claim payouts, we have produced a bicycle accident compensation calculator showing some figures based on injury types. The tables below show average compensation amounts and should be used for general guidance only. Ultimately, a payout will be based on your individual situation and we recommend seeking official advice from qualified solicitors.

Shoulder Injuries

Serious, dislocations, permanent weakness£15,510undefined
Moderate, with some limitation/discomfort£6,380£10,340
Minor, recovery with a year£3,200undefined
Fracture of the clavicle£4,180£9,900


Wrist Injuries

Severe with complete loss of function£38,500£48,400
With significant permanent disability£19,800£31,625
With some permanent disability, pain, stiffness£10,175£19,800
With recovery complete£3,000£6,500
Colles’ fracture£5,450£5,995


Knee Injuries

Severe, with disruption of the joint£92,950£136,950
Moderate, permanent injury£92,950£136,950
With some instability of deformity£92,950£136,950
With dislocation, torn cartilage, wasting£7,500£13,500
Minor injuries£1,000£7,500


Leg Injuries

Total loss of both legs£194,700£227,975
Below-knee amputation of both legs£162,800£218,350
Above-knee amputation of one leg£84,700£111,100
The most serious injuries short of amputation£77,825£110,000
Serious leg injuries£44,330£68,365
With multiple fractures, limited movements£22,440£31,680
Fractures with incomplete recovery£13,200£14,520
Simple fractures£7,360£11,385


Neck Injuries

Severe (incomplete paraplegia)£109,900£119,900
Moderate to severe with permanent damage£53,075£105,875
Moderate to severe damage to soft tissues/tendons£20,185£31,130
Fractures and dislocations, limitation of movement£11,110£20,185
Whiplash, disc lesion, need for surgery£1,110£20,195
Whiplash, complete recovery within a few years£6,380£11,110
Whiplash, recover within one to two years£3,520£6,380
Whiplash, recover within one year£7,370£3,520


Back Injuries

Severe, not involving paralysis£73,700£130,130
With bladder/bowel impairment etc.£59,950£71,500
With disc lesions, depression & severe pain£31,350£56,375
With crush vertebrae, osteoarthritis, pain£22,440£31,350
With prolapsed discs, laminectomy, some pain£10,120£22,440
With sprains and strains, full recovery expected£1,705£6,380


Foot Injuries

Amputation of both feet£85,000£100,000
Amputation of one foot£42,000£55,000
Severe with permanent disability£42,000£55,000
Severe with substantial restriction on mobility£23,000£34,000
Serious with multiple operations£12,500£20,000
With displaced fractures, some deformity£6,750£12,500
Simple fractures, puncture wounds£3,000£6,750


Toe Injuries

Amputation of all toes£18,500£28,250
Amputation of the great toe£14,000£15,000
Crash injury just short of amputation£6,750£14,000
Moderate toe fractures£1,000£6,750


Achilles Tendon

Severe with restriction of movement£18,500£20,000
Serious with some limitation of movement£12,500£15,500
Moderate with no significant disability£7,500£9,000
Minor soft tissue£1,000£5,000


Making a Cyclist Accident Compensation Claim

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