What Are the Average Bicycle Accident Settlement Amounts in the UK?

Here are some of the UK's average settlement amounts for a bicycle accident...

Are you wondering how much your bicycle accident settlement may be worth? This page will detail some of the average bicycle accident settlement amounts in the UK.

What Is a Bicycle Claim Settlement?

When a bicycle accident or other road traffic collision occurs, there is usually a dispute between two or more parties. A dispute can occur when the parties are unable to agree on who was at fault for the accident. Even if one party acknowledges that they were at fault, they may only accept partial blame and might either accuse the other party as being partly responsible or argue against some of the damage that is reported. During the early stages following an accident, it’s important that, in conjunction with police and solicitors, strong evidence is gathered to determine what exactly happened and who was responsible for what.

As part of a bicycle claim, solicitors will argue who was responsible and the impact of the accident. In particular, solicitors on the side of the cyclist will present evidence that shows the negative impact that the accident has had on the cyclist’s life. When a cyclist’s life has been significantly impacted, whether from severe physical injuries or mental health problems, they will be provided with adequate compensation that reflects the impact. The solicitors will come up with a valuation that they believe best reflects the amount of compensation that the victim deserves.

There are two parts to reaching a successful claim: the suspect accepting responsibility followed by them accepting the proposed compensation damages. If responsibility is accepted, then both parties will work together to reach a compensation agreement, also known as a bicycle claim settlement. Reaching a settlement involves a lot of negotiation before both parties are satisfied. In most cases, a claim settlement is usually reached. However, if a settlement is not reached, then the case will go to a court where a judge will make the final decision.

Bicycle Accident Settlement Amounts UK

Every bicycle accident claim is different, so it’s impossible to provide exact figures for all situations. The settlement amounts can vary depending on age, gender, physical injuries (including severity), medical costs, losses, and the responsible party’s actions that led to the accident. Below is a summary of some of the average settlement amounts in the UK for bicycle accidents based on common injuries.

  • Total blindness in one eye – £252,180
  • Loss of feeling in limbs – £235,115
  • Loss of wrist function – £50,435
  • Amputation of both legs – £245,350
  • Fractures of the hand – £4,461
  • Severe PTSD – £75,325
  • Very severe scarring to the face – £59,645
  • Severe neck injury – £90,945
  • Amputation of both arms – £253,740
  • Severe brain damage leading to vegetable state – £321,875

If you’ve suffered an injury not covered in the above list, then don’t be afraid to reach out to an accident solicitor. They can provide a rough and free estimate of the average settlement amounts for your specific injuries. When further information is gathered, including your unique characteristics and how the accident occurred, they can provide a more accurate figure.

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