Types of Motorbike Injuries

We developed this helpful interactive resource to enable our motorbike accident claimants to get an idea on how certain cycle injuries can be broadly translated into compensation payment amounts. The main purpose of the compensation dummy is to act as a compensation claims amount calculator.

How the Court Decides the Claim Amount

The courts consider several factors, including the severity of your injuries, your age, your sex and any pre-accident medical problems. They will listen to what you have to say about the accident’s impact on your life and the opinion of the medical experts. They will look to other cases similar to yours to decide how much to award you.

Common Causes of Injury Payouts

Once the collision has occurred, several common types of injury payouts occur. This includes colliding with less forgiving protective barriers or roadside objects such as lampposts and fences. Concussion and brain damage is a typical payout, as well as breakage of joints. Motorcyclists may also experience soft tissue damage and facial disfigurement.

Find Your Claim Amount

The motorcycle accident claims dummy provides a broad assessment of the accident compensation awards averaged out from other similar cases. The compensation amounts displayed can only be used as a guide. If you wish to claim compensation for your injuries, you should seek advice from our expert solicitors.

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