Types of Motorbike Accidents

Are you the victim of a pothole accident or have you been injured by a dangerous driver? There are different types of motorbike accidents which will ultimately shape your claims process.

Injured by Dangerous Driving

Have you been seriously injured by a dangerous driver? Your payout will be determined by the severity of your injury and the actions of the driver.

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Diesel Spill Accident

Diesel spillage is a common problem which increases the risk of motorcyclists losing control. Improper use of a fuel tank is seem as a negligent act.

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Pothole Accident

Potholes impose a huge risk for motorcyclists, especially during adverse weather conditions. It could take over 10 years to fix the UK’s ‘pothole crisis’.

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Defective Road Accident

Defective roads can cause drivers to lose control and collide with an object or vehicle. Motorbikes are prone to skidding, particularly on uneven surfaces.

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Pillion Passenger Accident

Pillion accident claims are complex cases which require experienced solicitors. As a passenger in an accident you may be entitled to claim.

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