Motorcycle Accident Compensation Examples

Looking for some guidance on what constitutes a claim? Here are some examples of various motorbike accident claims that you may encounter on the road.

Overtake Traffic

A motorcyclist is more difficult to see on the road and is even more “out of sight” and “out of mind” in the view of other road users when it comes to overtaking at a junction.

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Car Pulls Out on Side Road

A vehicle pulling out of a side road is often a common accident between cars and motorbikes where the driver fails to see the motorcyclist when exiting.

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Bike Swerves to Avoid Car

When a motorist either pulls or edges out of a side road, or cross over a dividing white line, motorcyclists will often swerve to avoid a potential accident.

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Bike Overtakes at Bend

It is a breach of the Highway Code for both motorcyclists and motorists to overtake on a bend which is considered a dangerous manoeuvre and a negligent act.

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Have you suffered a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault? We have developed a injury compensation calculator to help you understood whether you can claim and how much you could receive. Check out much you may be able to claim by clicking here.



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