Cycle Accident Compensation Examples

Do you know what accidents can apply to a cycle accident claim? We have compiled a list of some common examples of the dangers cyclists frequently experience.

HGV Turns Left Into Path of Cyclist Causing Accident

Significant Dangers to Cyclists When Turning Left at Junctions One of the most frightening dangers associated with cyclists is when a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) is turning left at a road junction ahead of a cyclist is intends to carry on straight across the road.  This is because of  the…

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Car Turns Into Path of Cyclist

This accident example focuses on a common scenario where a motorist turns into the path of a cyclist causing an accident and subsequent injuries.

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Car Pulls Out of Side Road In Front of Cyclist

A common accident claim is when a car pulls out of a side road without spotting a cyclist coming towards them who has right of way.

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Car Changes Lane

When a motorist overtakes a vehicle in the nearside lane and switches back, they may fail to see a cyclist and cause a collision or force an emergency avoidance.

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Have you been involved in a cycle accident?

We have created an online compensation guide to better inform victims about the ins and outs of a cycle accident claim including how large a payout can be for certain injuries. Click here to use our compensation guide and see how much you could receive.

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