Transfer Your Claim

 Not Happy With Your Current Solicitors?

You do not have to stay with or use your Insurance Panel Solicitors. It is easy to change and transfer your motorbike accident case to us. Whether you are not happy with the service or just want a second opinion on your case we will be pleased to help you.

It’s easy to transfer your motorbike accident claim to us – click here for more information.

A Second Opinion on Your Bike Accident?


We have received many queries from motorbike accident claim victims that they require a second opinion on an offer put forward by the insurance company acting for the Defendant. At this stage many motorbike accident claim victims already have their own accident Solicitor, many appointed by the motorcyclist’s own insurance company through its panel solicitors.

Many injured motorcycle accident claim victims simply take the easy option of taking their motorcycle insurance company’s panel solicitors to deal with their claim. However is has never been expressed by the insurance company that a victim of a bike injury resulting from a motorcycle accident has a FREE CHOICE OF A BIKE ACCIDENT SOLICITOR. It is a fundamental right to have an independent solicitor of your choice. Whilst many bike insurance companies will try to prevent you from choosing your own bike accident solicitor by withdrawing their legal expense cover, this should not put bike accident victims off.

Mr Ronnie Hutcheon our senior bike accident solicitor explains:

“Many injured motorbike accident clients often transfer their old solicitor’s bike claim to us because they are unhappy with the service. In one case, Mrs Walton, she had several solicitors and solicitor clerks dealing with her claim. The last solicitor dealing wither her motorbike claim left at a particularly bad time when the Defendant made an offer to settle with a 21 day deadline which if not accepted could have severe cost penalties. Luckily we obtained the file and advised her to reject the offer. The net result of the transfer to me was that she received an additional £75,000 more by the time I settled the bike injury claim.”

Ronnie Hutcheon further explains:

“I understand that some bike injury victims are nervous about changing solicitors. However to change to my firm to obtained a second opinion or because you are not happy with the solicitor service, it is a matter of simply signing a one page authority to transfer the file. I will inform your old solicitors that I will deal with their costs at the end of the case so they will not lose out. When the bike claim is settled and compensation paid, I will then recover my costs and your old solicitors costs. As a result there is no problem about a transfer of file to new solicitors. My Firm always runs bike accident claims under our Motorbike Accident No Win No Fee Agreement so there is nothing to lose or worry about by a transfer to me.”

Sometimes even a second opinion may help by changing solicitors. We are often approach by clients who just want a sounding board for a second opinion about an apportionment of blame or an offer made. We cannot provide advice over the phone without the file being transferred but often a biker injured in an accident tends to be right about their opinions and when the file is transferred to us, we often obtained improved terms of settlement.
In short, it can pay to transfer your motorcycle accident claim to R James Hutcheon Solicitors without fear of costs or being penalised by your insurance panel solicitors.

I got £75,000 more when I transferred my bike claim
Still unsure about transferring your motorbike accident claim to Solicitors, why not read one of our real cases, Mrs Walton transferred her motorbike accident claim to us after 4 years with her old solicitors. She got an extra £75,000 after transferring her motorbike accident claim to her new Solicitors. For more details about Mrs Walton’s case click here: motorbike accident transfer your file


It really is as simple transfer your to motorcycle accident claim solicitors.  Here is the form below, click on the transfer solicitors form to view in a seperate page to print and return to us and for more information.