Bicycle Accident Claims

Cyclists are extremely vulnerable road users and are at risk of serious injuries. If you have been the victim of an bicycle accident that wasn't your fault, our experienced solicitors can provide you with the guidance needed to get your compensation you deserve.

What You Need to Know About Bicycle Accident Claims

Road accidents are common, but the risk of serious or life-changing injuries are far greater if you are a cyclist. In fact, statistics show that there are about 19,000 cyclist fatalities and injuries every year, including 3000 killed or seriously injured. A cyclist’s compensation can be down to many factors, including what part of the body has been injured and the severity of such injuries.

Have you been involved in a bicycle accident? If so, then you’ve come to the right website. We will provide you with all the information and advice you need to recover from the accident. Our solicitors can also lead your legal claim and help you recover the compensation you are owed.

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Most cycle accidents are caused by motorists failing to see the cyclist, especially at a roundabout or a T junction. Around 75% of serious injuries are caused in urban areas by a junction, and roundabouts are a particular hazard.

The common causes of bicycle accident claims include the following:

  • Motorists pulling out of a side road
  • Motorists switching lanes without seeing a cyclist
  • Opening car doors in the path of a cyclists
  • Merging into a lane without seeing a cyclist
  • Motorists failing to stop at a junction
  • Mounting the kerb in the way of a cyclist
  • Children playing in the street on bikes
  • Other cyclists

Children and young adults are commonly involved in cycle accidents due to doing stunts, going fast, losing control, inexperience or playing on the road. It’s reported that 34% of accidents are caused by not manoeuvring properly or cycling in a rush. More cycle accidents happen in the daytime compared to at night. Many claims for cycle accidents happen in major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool. However, they are persistent in London due to major congestion on the roads.

Compensation for Bicycle Accident Claims

How We Can Help You With Your Bicycle Claim

We have created this website to provide victims of cycle accidents with guidance and resources to help them in the process of claiming the compensation they deserve. You will be able to learn about the common types of accidents and injuries that occur. We have also produced a bicycle accident compensation calculator to inform you about what payouts you could receive.

As bike accident claims solicitors experienced in dealing with bicycle accident claims, we would be delighted to discuss your specific case with you in more detail. We can offer a No Win, No Fee policy to ensure that you only pay if you win your case.

Our cycle claims service is personal and thorough in making sure we deliver the requirements of each client. To learn more about cycle accident claims, such as how much compensation you may be due, click the links below.

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