Types of Cycle Injuries

We have created an interactive compensation dummy to present cycle accident claimants with information on various injuries that can be sustained and how much each injury may pay out. The purpose of this resource is to act as a compensation claims amount calculator.

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Pedal Bike Accidents

Road accidents are common but the risk of serious or life changing injuries are far greater if you are a cyclist. Cyclists are the most vulnerable of road users, more so than car drivers or motorcyclists. There are about 19,000 cyclist fatalities and injuries every year including 3000 killed or seriously injured.

Common Causes of Injuries to Cyclists

Most cycle accidents are caused by motorists failing to see the cyclist especially at a roundabout or a T junction. 75% of serious injuries are caused in urban areas by a junction and roundabouts are particularly dangerous. Children and young adults are commonly involved in cycle accidents as a result of doing stunts, going fast, losing control, inexperience or playing in the road.

Compensation For Cycle Injuries

We are often asked the amount of how much compensation of cycle injuries following a road traffic accident. On the left we have listed the most common injury types. Please click on each link that will provide you with a list of compensation awards.

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