Leg Injury

June 20, 2018

Injuries Involving Paralysis


Total in young males£113,000£124,300
Middle aged males with children£34,760£63,360


Most severe cases (younger claimants)£92,950£136,950
Minor to moderate(much older males)£13,800£15,180


Pelvis and Hip Injuries
Moderate (dislocations/impotence)£21,505£31,625
With leg instability, hip replacement£10,175£21,505
With some permanent disability£3,190£10,175
Minor to moderate£2,900£3,190


Leg Injuries
Total Loss of Both Legs£194,700£227,975
Below-knee Amputation of Both Legs£162,800£218,350
Above-knee Amputation of One Leg£84,700£111,100
The Most Serious Injuries short of Amputation£77,825£110,000
Serious leg injuries£44,330£68,365
With multiple fractures, limited movements£22,440£31,680
Fractures with incomplete recovery£13,200£14,520
Simple fractures£7,370£11,385


Knee Injuries
Severe, with disruption of the joint£56,375£77,770
Moderate, permanent injury£42,130£56,375
With some instability or deformity£11,900£21,500
With dislocation, torn cartilage, wasting£7,500£13,500
Minor injuries£1,000£7,500


Ankle Injuries
Severe with deformity and degeneration£25,000£35,000
Moderate with some instability£16,000£25,000
With ligamentous tears, metal work, scarring£6,500£13,500
Minor undisplaced fractures, some scarring£1,000£6,500


Achilles Tendon
Severe with restriction of movement£18,500£20,000
Serious with some limitation of movement£12,500£15,500
Moderate with no significant disability£7,500£9,000
Minor soft tissue£1,000£5,000


Foot Injuries
Amputation of Both Feet£85,000£100,000
Amputation of One Foot£42,000£55,000
Severe with permanent disability£42,000£55,000
Severe with substantial restriction on mobility£23,000£34,000
Serious with multiple operations£12,500£20,000
With displaced fractures some deformity£6,750£12,500
Simple fractures, puncture wounds£3,000£ 6,750


Toe Injuries
Amputation of All Toes£18,500£28,250
Amputation of the Great Toe£14,000£15,000
Crush injury just short of amputation£6,750£14,000
Moderate toe fractures£1,000£6,750