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We have decades of experience handling motorcycle accident claims and will get you the maximum compensation you deserve. We are nationwide solicitors and can help you claim no matter your location in the UK.

If you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer, you've come to the right place. We are experienced in motorcycle accident claims and cycle accident claims. As motorbike accident solicitors, we will claim the maximum compensation you deserve. We appreciate that injuries sustained in these accidents can be particularly serious or even lead to death. Whether you are claiming for yourself or a loved one killed in a fatal motorbike accident, our solicitors can help.

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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Our solictors can assist with a broad spectrum of motorcycle accident claims to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Cycle Accident Claims

We cover a range of cycle accident claims such as collisions with other motorists on the road and defective surfaces.

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No Win, No-Fee Service From Trusted Accident Claims Experts

We recognise that people involved in road traffic accidents usually have a hard time resolving disputes. A successful motorbike accident claim will often depend on the evidence presented, which could prove that the situation is not your fault. Our motorcycle accident lawyer will ensure the claim is dealt with for free if it loses. Therefore, you will only be expected to pay our solicitor fees should the motorcycle claim be decided in your favour.

We Are Experienced Motorbike Accident Solicitors in the UK

Combining litigation experience spanning more than 27 years, our national motorcycle accident claims solicitors have forged vital partnerships to deliver cost-efficient legal services across the country. With the challenges of ever-changing market dynamics involving making a motorbike accident claim, we provide experience and insight when seeking solutions. We are ahead of the curve in spearheading added-value legal support services to traditional markets.

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We believe in offering a professional, friendly and personal motorcycle accident claims service that gets you the compensation you deserve. You shouldn't worry about legal costs or whether the information you receive is adequate. Don't take our word for it. See why our clients think we are one of the best UK law firms for motorcycle claims.

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Why Choose Us as Your Motorbike or Cycle Accident Lawyer?

We know how difficult life can be following a severe motorcycle accident claim, especially when the blame lies with another road user and not yourself. Motorbike and cycle accidents can have a damaging impact on your day-to-day life, financial circumstances and desire to get back on the road. As specialist motorbike claims solicitors, we are experts in this area of law. We use our experience, skills and client-focused approach to help people get the compensation they are owed. Here are just some of the best reasons why you should consider appointing us as your national motorcycle accident lawyer.

Qualified & Experienced Solicitors

We've covered everything from straightforward accidents to unusual cases with over 30 years of experience dealing with motorbike and bike accident claims. Our solicitors can serve the entire United Kingdom.

Working With Leading Partners

We work with partners across the healthcare industry to ensure clients receive the very best physiotherapy and rehabilitation care they need for a full recovery.

Thorough Investigations

To get to the bottom of an accident, we conduct thorough investigations. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to claiming the maximum amount of compensation.

Friendly, Personable & Supportive

We pride ourselves on adopting a friendly and approachable style at every stage. Our team is committed to acting in client's interests and offering honest, non-jargon advice.

No Win, No Fee Service

By appointing us on a No Win No Fee basis, you will only pay our fees should your motorbike accident claim win. We care about the successful outcome of every one of our cases.

Fully Accredited & Regulated

We are accredited and regulated by industry bodies, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority (no. 630314). We deliver services that follow guidelines and best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

As experts in motorcycle accident claims, we know what follows an accident can be pain, confusion and frustration. Making a claim doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process as long as you hire the right solicitors for you. Our team is dedicated to supporting victims and their loved ones across the UK. We have rounded up answers to some of the most popular questions clients have.

Do you have a question that isn’t listed?
Please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

A motorcycle accident claim is a type of compensation claim made following an accident involving a motorcyclist. Claims may be made if another party, such as another road user or the local council, holds some responsibility for the incident.

If you are a motorcyclist who has suffered an accident caused by someone else, you may be able to make a claim. You can make a compensation claim to receive the urgent financial support needed to recover from your severe injuries. You can claim on behalf of another person if their injuries prevent them from doing so or they have sadly passed away.

The process starts by hiring a solicitor firm to act on your behalf. The firm will gather evidence to establish the facts of the case and determine who was responsible. They will assess the seriousness of your injuries and how they have impacted your day-to-day life. The solicitors will work with the other party to reach a liability and settlement agreement. If an agreement can not be reached, they will represent you in court, where a judge will decide.

Every claim is unique, and we cannot estimate how much compensation you will receive before listening to your case. Settlement is negotiated based on several factors, including types of physical and physiological injuries, financial impact and loss of amenity. Compensation may also reimburse you for expenses such as treatment, care costs and damage to personal belongings. Our motorcycle compensation calculator provides a rough estimate of how much you may receive for your injuries.

Generally speaking, you must claim within the last three years. This period usually begins from the date of the accident or death. There can be mitigating circumstances, so we recommend speaking to a solicitor for advice tailored to your situation.

To succeed in winning a motorcycle accident claim and ensuring you receive the maximum compensation possible, you must provide substantial evidence. The evidence you submit will prove the other party was at least partially liable, if not wholly, and outline how the accident affected your life, including pain and financial loss. Evidence may include police reports, witness statements and visual footage like photographs and videos. We recommend keeping a diary of your physical and psychological injuries over time and capturing regular pictures. Medical reports also provide a professional and neutral account of your injuries and treatment. Keep hold of any documents or receipts that show personal or financial loss like medical fees, travel expenses or loss of dependency.

We have a history of working with leading medical professionals and rehabilitation services to help clients on the road to recovery. We will do everything in our power to help you physically, mentally and financially. With our partnerships, we gather a thorough assessment of your injuries which can impact the calculation of your compensation.

It’s not uncommon to feel worried and hesitant about making a motorbike accident claim. However, if you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s essential to get the support you need. Financial aid will help you get the treatment you need and recover loss expenses. Solicitors will take the hassle out of claiming so that you can focus on getting better.

We work on a no-win, no-fee basis which means you don’t pay anything unless you win. You will take 100% of the compensation that is awarded in your favour. You won’t pay anything upfront, and we don’t have any hidden charges.

We work with both motorcyclists and cyclists. Whether you ride a motorbike or a pedal bike, if you’ve had an accident, we can help you. Contact us today to start your claim.

You don’t have to feel guilty about how your compensation claim will affect the liable party as their insurance company will pay the damages. If the other party is uninsured, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau will cover the cost. Highways England or the local council may be liable if an accident occurs due to unsafe roads.

Don’t be put off making a motorbike or bike accident claim if the motorist has no insurance or ran away from the scene. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau was created for this very reason. The MIB compensates victims who’ve been in an accident caused by uninsured or untraced drivers. If you want to claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, please contact our solicitors for assistance.

The time it takes to make a successful motorcycle accident claim can vary from case to case. From when a claim is opened to when a settlement is reached, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Generally speaking, motorcycle accident claims usually run for 4 to 9 months on average. Factors that influence a case’s duration include injuries sustained and their severity and how long it takes to gather evidence. Motorcycle claims will take longer if the other party is unknown or they deny liability.

Did you know?

Motorcyclists are 41 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident (RTA) than a car occupant

That is the tragic reality of road safety in Great Britain. The latest government figures show that in 2021, there were 123 reported fatalities per billion miles for motorcyclists compared to just 3 for car occupants. Throughout the year, 310 motorcyclists sadly lost their lives, making up 20% of deaths by all road user groups.

Out of 15,838 casualties to motorcyclists, 5,264 led to serious injuries, which can involve brain injuries, broken bones and muscle damage. These alarming statistics demonstrate the severe consequences that an accident can have on a vulnerable road user such as a motorcyclist or pedal cyclist. The lack of protection, reduced visibility and high speed create a higher risk of serious injury or death for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle accident claims are necessary for securing financial support that can aid your recovery from a collision. Contact us today to speak to our expert bike accident claims solicitors and begin your journey to a brighter future.

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