Motorbike Accident Claims Solicitors

We are motorbike accident solicitors specialising in serious injury or fatal motorbike claims. As solicitors in this area of the law we will claim the maximum compensation without fear or favour. As experts cycling claims in this field we appreciate that injuries sustained in a cycling accident can be particularly serious or fatal due to the vulnerability of cyclists (motor and pedal).

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Motorbike Accident Claims

We can assist with a broad spectrum of motorbike accident claims and get you the compensation you deserve.

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Cycle Accident Claims

We cover a range of cycle accidents compensation claims from collisions with other motorists on the road and defective surfaces.

Motorbike Accident Solicitors

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road to injury when an accident happens. The injuries can be minor to life changing. It is important to ensure you obtain expert advice from a motorbike or cycle injury solicitor to claim the maximum compensation. We are confident of our excellent professional, friendly and personal service all under our No Win, No Fee, No Worry, Guarantee

Motorcycle Legal Expense Insurance?

Even if you have insurance with legal protection, following a little known change in the law, this may not be to your advantage. Your Insurance Panel Motorcycle Injury Solicitor may charge you up to 25% of your compensation if you WIN, called a success fee. So if you were awarded £5,000 you will pay your Insurance Solicitor £1,250. We charge 0% Success Fee (subject to terms), it can be expensive going elsewhere. You have a free choice so contact us now: Motorbike Accident Claim Form and we will call you back.

Cycle Accident Compensation Claims

A rise in popularity of Cycling has resulted in an increase in cyclist being killed or injured on the road. Our motorcycle injury compensation Solicitors have put their experience to use in dealing with injuries to cyclists. Many accidents are similar where motorists and lorry drivers, in particular, fail to see a cyclist on the road causing a collision. Almost 2/3rds of Cyclist are killed or suffer life changing injuries in urban areas at or near a road junction or roundabout. Contact us now for advice and how you can keep 100% of your Compensation if you WIN.

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