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Have you been involved in a cycling accident and feel you can make a bicycle accident claim? Find out how much you could claim for the injuries you've suffered.

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What Will I Learn Here About Cycle Accident Compensation?

We are expert solicitors in cycle accident claims and are committed to ensuring victims have all the information they need to get their lives back on track. We help victims receive the compensation, treatment and redhibition they need to fully recover from the physical and emotional impact of their bicycle accident.

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On this page, you will learn how bike accident compensation is calculated and how you can make a claim. We have also provided a guide on how much your injuries could be worth and real-life examples of cycle accidents in the UK. Below is a list of critical sections in this cycling accident compensation guide. Simply click the links to view the information that matters most to you.


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Before we explore how much compensation you might receive for your bike accident, it’s important to understand that every situation differs. Many elements can affect the compensation amounts, from the severity of your injuries to your medical fees and life-changing results. Therefore, we recommend you contact our special cycle accident solicitors for accurate advice and information tailored to your case. When you contact us, we can offer a precise compensation assessment based on your specific scenario. Click the button below to start the process and receive free, no-obligation advice.

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Compensation Calculator for Cycle Accidents

To help provide you with some information about typical cycle accident claim payouts, we have produced a bike accident compensation calculator that displays potential compensation figures. The cycling accident compensation figures have been broken down based on the type of bodily injury the cyclist suffered.

The cycling accident compensation calculator below shows average compensation amounts and should only be used for general guidance. Ultimately, a cycle accident payout will be based on your unique situation, and we recommend seeking official advice from qualified national solicitors before proceeding with a bicycle compensation claim.

Shoulder Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Serious, dislocations, permanent weakness£15,510undefined
Moderate, with some limitation/discomfort£6,380£10,340
Minor, recovery within a year£3,200undefined
Fracture of the clavicle£4,180£9,900


Wrist Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Severe with complete loss of function£38,500£48,400
With significant permanent disability£19,800£31,625
With some permanent disability, pain, stiffness£10,175£19,800
With recovery complete£3,000£6,500
Colles’ fracture£5,450£5,995


Knee Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Severe, with disruption of the joint£56,375£77,770
Moderate, permanent injury£42,130£56,375
With some instability or deformity£11,900£21,500
With dislocation, torn cartilage, wasting£7,500£13,500
Minor injuries£1,000£7,500


Leg Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Total loss of both legs£194,700£227,975
Below-knee amputation of both legs£162,800£218,350
Above-knee amputation of one leg£84,700£111,100
The most serious injuries short of amputation£77,825£110,000
Serious leg injuries£44,330£68,365
With multiple fractures, limited movements£22,440£31,680
Fractures with incomplete recovery£13,200£14,520
Simple fractures£7,370£11,385


Neck Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Severe (incomplete paraplegia)£109,900£119,900
Moderate to severe with permanent damage£53,075£105,875
Moderate to severe damage to soft tissues/tendons£20,185£31,130
Fractures and dislocations, limitation of movement£11,110£20,185
Whiplash, disc lesion, need for surgery£1,110£20,195
Whiplash, complete recovery within a few years£6,380£11,110
Whiplash, recover within one to two years£3,520£6,380
Whiplash, recover within one year£7,370£3,520


Back Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Severe, not involving paralysis£73,700£130,130
With bladder/bowel impairment etc.£59,950£71,500
With disc lesions, depression & severe pain£31,350£56,375
With crush vertebrae, osteoarthritis, pain£22,440£31,350
With prolapsed discs, laminectomy, some pain£10,120£22,440
With sprains and strains, full recovery expected£1,705£6,380


Foot Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Amputation of both feet£85,000£100,000
Amputation of one foot£42,000£55,000
Severe with permanent disability£42,000£55,000
Severe with substantial restriction on mobility£23,000£34,000
Serious with multiple operations£12,500£20,000
With displaced fractures, some deformity£6,750£12,500
Simple fractures, puncture wounds£3,000£6,750


Toe Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Amputation of all toes£18,500£28,250
Amputation of the great toe£14,000£15,000
Crush injury just short of amputation£6,750£14,000
Moderate toe fractures£1,000£6,750


Achilles Tendon

Injury TypeMinMax
Severe with restriction of movement£18,500£20,000
Serious with some limitation of movement£12,500£15,500
Moderate with no significant disability£7,500£9,000
Minor soft tissue£1,000£5,000


How Is Bicycle Compensation Calculated?

Cycle Accident with Helmet on FloorWhen compensation for a bicycle accident claim is assessed, various factors are considered to calculate the amount a claimant will receive. One of the crucial factors to be evaluated is the extent of the injuries sustained and the impact it has had on the victim. Cyclist compensation will also be calculated based on the claimant’s age, with higher payouts typically awarded the younger the person is. Gender is also considered; for example, females typically receive more money than males when they have suffered scarring.

Each bicycle accident claim will be decided based on facts regarding the severity of the sustained cycle injuries. How much you are entitled can depend on how you have been affected by the bicycle accident. A minor injury to one person may be pretty severe to another person, meaning the latter may be able to obtain more cycling accident compensation, especially if there is a psychological development on top of the physical injuries.

As well as damages for injuries, the bicycle accident compensation claim will also consider other losses the cyclist has endured. This can include loss of earnings and damage to personal items such as clothing and helmets. Essential healthcare costs, such as medical and rehabilitation fees, may also be considered. If you have required the services of a support carer, then your cyclist compensation could involve a payout that covers this.


What Is the Process of a Bicycle Accident Claim?

Claims Process for Cycle Accident

The process of a bicycle accident compensation claim may sound daunting and long-winding, but that’s why you should take all the time needed to research and select a specialist solicitor. Any professional legal claims business, such as ourselves, should hold the necessary skills and experience to guide you during the claim. It’s not just about guiding you towards a successful compensation payout. It’s about making you feel at ease, answering any questions you may have, offering adequate advice, and simplifying the claims process in a way that you understand. We know it’s essential to be friendly, personable and welcoming, especially when our clients are dealing with lots of emotional and physical pain.

If you’re reading this today, then you are already off to a great start. Our cycle accident compensation calculator is an excellent way to commence your claim. While the information here may not be tailored to your circumstances, we hope it has provided a starting point, helping you understand whether you are eligible for a claim and how much you may receive. The next significant step for you is contacting a solicitor specialising in your accident sector. We are experts in bike accident claims and will be able to offer free, no-obligation advice as soon as you get in touch with your initial query. From the first point of contact, you should better understand your options and whether the solicitor is a good fit for you.

After you’ve hired a firm, the first step is to build a strong case on your behalf. This will usually start by gaining as much information as possible from yourself by asking questions to gauge how the accident happened, who was involved, and how it has impacted your life. They will then begin by collecting evidence that establishes who was responsible and the injuries caused by the accident. Evidence can come from witness statements, medical records, photographs of injuries, police incident reports, etc. A claim is not just about proving that someone else caused an accident but about showing how it has affected the victim. As our cyclist accident compensation calculator shows, several factors influence a payout, such as where injuries occur and their severity. Solicitors will aim to clearly show how the injuries have negatively impacted your life and why you should be entitled to damages. If claiming for additional losses, such as medical fees, loss of earnings, or damage to personal belongings, evidence should be sought to build a solid case for these particular aspects.

When the solicitors have gained enough information and evidence, they can make a valuation of your claim and will be able to proceed with pre-action protocols. These protocols are the first formal step to taking your claim to the civil claims court. Your firm will complete a Claim Notification Form detailing the accident and why you allege that the other party is responsible. This form is submitted to the other party’s insurance company, which will admit or deny liability. If responsibility is accepted, your solicitor will, on your behalf, negotiate a bicycle accident compensation settlement while keeping you updated every step of the way. The settlement process can take time, and an agreement is usually reached in most cases. However, if no agreement is reached, your solicitor can apply to have a judge make the decision. Your firm will use all gathered evidence to negotiate a settlement if liability is denied. Once again, if both parties reach an impasse in liability and compensation, the claim will go to the court, where a judge will make the decision.

If the solicitor firm wins your case, the settlement process will conclude with a payout based on the cycling accident compensation amounts that have been decided or agreed upon. The damages will be paid out by the other party’s insurance company which may take around one month. For more information, please visit our dedicated bicycle accident settlement calculator page.


How 2022 Changes to the Highway Code Affect Cyclists

The Highway Code is an essential publication for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and anyone who uses the road, including horse riders and mobility scooter users. It provides vital information and guidance on how to use the road safely. The Highway Code is updated regularly to reflect significant changes designed to improve road safety for all users. In January 2022, the Highway Code was updated with some of the most significant changes we’ve seen for several years. For the scope of this page, we will talk about the changes that affect cyclists specifically.

One of the biggest changes to the Highway Code is the introduction of a hierarchy of road users. This hierarchy outlines the people most at risk in the event of an accident, starting with pedestrians and closely followed by cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists. HGV drivers are considered to be the least at risk following an accident. While this hierarchy doesn’t give priority to road users most at risk, it encourages others to be extra careful when coming across someone higher on the list. If you drive a car or an HGV, for example, you should bear greater responsibility for the danger you can pose to a cyclist.

Another significant change is a new priority for pedestrians at a junction. If you are turning into or from a road where a pedestrian is crossing or waiting to cross, you should give away. This update applies to cyclists as much as it does motorists. Likewise, you should give way if a pedestrian is waiting to cross a zebra crossing. Previously, you only needed to give away if they were already on the crossing.

As a cyclist, you can now drive in the middle of the lane under certain circumstances, such as on quiet roads, in slow-moving traffic, or when approaching a junction. Cyclists have always been able to ride two abreast, but this wording has been improved to address rider safety further. Motorists overtaking a cyclist should leave at least 1.5m of space when driving up to 30mph and a greater distance for higher speeds. Motorists should also not cut across cyclists and avoid turning at a junction if doing so would cause cyclists to stop or swerve. Car drivers and passengers are advised to use their far hands when opening the door to encourage greater awareness when exiting safely, ensuring that the area is clear of vulnerable road users such as cyclists.


How to Claim For a Bike Accident

We hope our cyclist accident compensation calculator provides some valuable information to you. However, if you require more details on bike accident claims and how to proceed, we are more than happy to help you out in any way we can. Making a claim can be complex, but we are committed to taking the stress out of your journey to compensation, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

To help you understand more about what is involved in claiming compensation for a bike accident, we’ve prepared the following step-by-step breakdown.

  1. As soon as possible after an accident, you should seek medical attention from your local A&E and GP – your physical and psychological injuries will form the basis of your settlement, so the earlier the full extent of your injuries are assessed, the better.
  2. Take plenty of pictures and videos of the accident site and your injuries as evidence.
  3. Collect the contact information of any witnesses who viewed the accident
  4. Avoid apologising or making any statement that places partial blame on yourself, even when talking to doctors, as the other party can use this to dispute your claim
  5. Do your research to find a specialist and reputable solicitor firm to handle your bike accident claim
  6. Before committing to a decision, seek no-obligation advice from accident solicitors
  7. After you appoint a solicitor to manage your claim, they will do the hard work for you and keep you up-to-date on their progress
  8. Liaise with your solicitors, ensuring they know every detail about the accident, who was responsible and how it has affected your life – provide them with any evidence that you have collected
  9. Your solicitors will inform the other party about the claim and seek to claim the maximum amount of compensation
  10. Both parties will reach a settlement or a judge will make a decision
  11. You will receive your bike accident compensation

If you are a cyclist and have recently been involved in a bicycle accident, such as getting hit by a car, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you towards a successful compensation claim. With specialist knowledge in this area of the law, our principal solicitor has over 27 years of experience in dealing with cycle accident claims. We are dedicated to providing you with the professional legal advice and service you need to process your claim as quickly and simply as possible.

To begin your cyclist accident compensation claim with our UK solicitors, call us on 0151 724 7121 or leave your details with us via our contact form. We will contact you at a time most convenient for you to discuss your situation and requirements.

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Bicycle Accident Compensation Examples

The threat of severe injury and even death is a genuine concern that cyclists face daily on UK roads. As our accident statistics show, there is a shocking danger to vulnerable road users such as cyclists, especially when compared to motorists. Our bicycle accident compensation calculator shows a rough guide of the damages that may be awarded, but are you interested in some real-life figures that paint a better picture? Below are some case studies and news stories of accidents on British roads, all of which highlight the impact injuries have had on a victim’s life and how much cyclist compensation they’ve received due to the accident.

Cyclist Receives Payout After Dog Incident

In March 2016, cyclist David Crane crashed his bicycle while on the way to work in West London. A cocker spaniel dog owned by a woman named Carina Read had run across Mr Crane’s path, forcing him to brake harshly. As he did so, he was flung off his bike and hit his head.

Following the accident, Mr Crane, who had considered himself a seasoned cyclist, suffered brain damage despite wearing a safety helmet. He sued the dog’s owner Ms Read for £50,000 in cycling accident compensation damages, citing her negligence in failing to properly control the dog, Felix.

The defence, in this case, argued that the dog was stunned when a ball hit him on the head, hence why he ran across the cyclist’s path and that the cyclist was riding too fast. Mr Crane, however, disputed this, stating that he did not exceed 5mph. As a result of his brain injuries, his hearing, memory, concentration, and ability to drive all suffered. He also received constant headaches and endured an impaired sense of taste and smell. It left him unable to do two things he loved doing in particular; cycling and skiing.

As reported by Metro News in October 2020, the judge ruled that Ms Read acted with negligence. The judge declared that the accused failed to call back the dog when she had time to, resulting in Mr Crane being exposed to the risk of injury. A future hearing will determine the final amount of bicycle accident compensation.

Uber Driver and Passenger Ordered to Pay £8,000

This case study example involves an Uber driver, a passenger and a cyclist, with the May 2016 incident reported by the Daily Mail. While cycling in North London, close to the Euston London train station, cyclist Sandy Lieberson was struck by the passenger door of a Uber taxi. Mr Lieberson, aged 84, is a film producer, having worked on a range of 1970s films such as Stardust and Jabberwocky. He claimed that he was driving in slow traffic when a Vauxhall Insignia, operated by Uber driver Gabriel Dominte, overtook him and pulled into the left. That’s when the passenger, Louisa Pointon, who works for an insurance broker, suddenly opened her door. As the incident happened so fast, the cyclist had no chance of breaking and collided with the door, knocking him off his bike.

Mr Lieberson required hospital treatment and suffered bruising to his back and leg and multiple rib fractures resulting from the accident. He sued the passenger and driver for damages, citing their carelessness. Miss Pointon accepted that she acted negligently but felt that the cyclist had appeared out of nowhere and that he was trying to undertake the taxi. The driver, meanwhile, disputed the claim that he had pulled over or told the passenger that it was safe to get out.

In March 2021, a Central London County Court judge ruled in Mr Lierbson’s favour and declared that he should receive £8,192.93 in cyclist accident compensation damages, with Mr Dominte and Miss Pointon ordered to contribute to the cost. Judge Nicholas Parfitt QC stated that both the passenger and driver were equally at fault while absolving the cyclist of any blame.

Dorset Cyclist Awarded £90,000

A Dorset cyclist has been awarded £90,000 in bike accident compensation following an accident in May 2020. As reported by, the cyclist, a 41-year-old male, was cycling in Poole when an Audi driver turned across his path. The cyclist was waiting at a set of traffic lights when he was knocked off his bike as they changed to green. It’s believed that the Audi driver, a 39-year-old female, was unaware of the accident and drove off. She was flagged down by another motorist and stopped further down the road.

Following the accident, the cyclist suffered a triple fracture to his left arm, requiring him to have a metal plate inserted in his left elbow. Other injuries included a fractured finger, cuts and bruises. The cyclist could not perform his duties as a baker for eight weeks due to restricted movement. His solicitors worked to obtain evidence, including a police report, and they achieved admission of liability from the motorist’s insurers. The defendant offered a settlement of £75,000 before an agreement of £90,000 was reached.

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