Car Pulls Out of Side Road In Front of Cyclist

June 26, 2018

Car pulls out in front of cyclist who has right of way

One of the most common cycle accident compensation claims is where a car pulls out of a side road into the path of an on-coming cyclist who has right of way on the road. The cyclist cannot avoid the accident with the car and collides into it, causing the accident.

Cycle Compensation Solicitors

There has been a change of the law that allow solicitors to charge a “Success Fee” if you WIN compensation. So if you won your cycle accident claim and recovered £4,000 in compensation, your solicitors can take £1,000 leaving you with only £3,000. It can be expensive going to another cycle injury solicitor. Our “Success Fee” starts at 0% so you are able to keep 100% of your compensation. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help guide you.

Car Pulls out of Side Road and Hits Cyclist