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Have you suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident that wasn't your fault? Find out about the average compensation you may be able to receive with motorbike injury claims.  

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What This Guide to Motorcycle Compensation Will Cover

Our professional solicitors specialise in motorcycle accident compensation claims that includes pedal bike and E-Scooters. We are dedicated to helping accident victims receive the compensation they need to get their lives back on track. We also support motorcyclists in recovery, helping them rehabilitate and recover from their physical and emotional injuries.

This guide will teach you more about how much motorbike accident compensation you could receive, how compensation is calculated, and how to make a claim. We have also provided several case study examples of other motorcyclists who received damages following their accidents.


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Before we get into how much you can claim for a motorcycle accident, pedal bike or E-Scooter every accident is different. Many variables can affect the UK’s average payout for motorcycle accidents. For accurate information, we recommend you seek advice from our specialist solicitors. We can offer a precise estimation of how much you may receive based on your circumstances. Click the button to start your motorcycle compensation claim with free, no-obligation advice if you’ve suffered an injury.

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Compensation Calculator for Motorcycle Accidents

Are you wondering how much motorcycle accident compensation you can claim for an injury, (including pedal bike and E-Scooters)?  This complete guide is brought to you by experienced solicitors specialising in helping clients with motorcycle accident claims. However, any figures in this guide should be seen as guidance rather than official advice.  Please be aware that this compensation calculator will also be of use to pedal bike riders and E-Scooter riders as the nature and similarity of the injuries in an accident will usually be the same.  There may be some dynamic differences with higher power from motorcycles but largely they are the same.


Injuries Involving Paralysis

Injury TypeMinMax





Injury TypeMinMax
Total in young males£116,000£128,000
Middle aged males with children£34,000£65,000





Injury TypeMinMax
Most severe cases (younger claimants)£92,950£136,950
Minor to moderate (much older males)£13,800£15,180




Pelvis and Hip Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Moderate (dislocations/impotence)£21,505£31,625
With leg instability, hip replacement£10,175£21,505
With some permanent disability£3,190£10,175
Minor to moderate£2,900£3,190




Leg Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Total loss of both legs£194,700£227,975
Below-knee amputation of both legs£162,800£218,350
Above-knee amputation of one leg£84,700£111,100
The most serious injuries short of amputation£77,825£110,000
Serious leg injuries£44,330£68,365
With multiple fractures, limited movements£22,440£31,680
Fractures with incomplete recovery£13,200£14,520
Simple fractures£7,370£11,385




Knee Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Severe, with disruption of the joint£56,375£77,770
Moderate, permanent injury£42,130£56,375
With some instability or deformity£11,900£21,500
With dislocation, torn cartilage, wasting£7,500£13,500
Minor injuries£1,000£7,500




Ankle Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Severe with deformity and degeneration£25,000£35,000
Moderate with some instability£16,000£25,000
With ligament tears, metal work, scarring£6,500£13,500
Minor undisplaced fractures, some scarring£1,000£6,500




Achilles Tendon

Injury TypeMinMax
Severe with restriction of movement£18,500£20,000
Serious with some limitation of movement£12,500£15,500
Moderate with no significant disability£7,500£9,000
Minor soft tissue£1,000£5,000




Foot Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Amputation of both feet£85,000£100,000
Amputation of one foot£42,000£55,000
Severe with permanent disability£42,000£55,000
Severe with substantial restriction on mobility£23,000£34,000
Serious with multiple operations£12,500£20,000
With displaced fractures, some deformity£6,750£12,500
Simple fractures, puncture wounds£3,000£6,750




Toe Injuries

Injury TypeMinMax
Amputation of all toes£18,500£28,250
Amputation of the great toe£14,000£15,000
Crush injury just short of amputation£6,750£14,000
Moderate toe fractures£1,000£6,750




Motorcycle Injuries to Legs Compensation Calculator

Some of the most common motorbike injury compensation awards relate to lower and upper limbs. The Judicial Studies Guidelines have been developed to help the courts and solicitors calculate motorbike injury claims. The guide can only offer guidance for ballpark figures, but individual cases will be considered when assessing the value of your motorbike compensation claim.

The amount of compensation for your motorcycle injury claim will depend on the seriousness of your injuries, which is determined by the following:

  • The period of pain and suffering - the longer the suffering, the greater the compensation
  • The extent of the impact of the motorbike injury on your quality of life
    • Psychological injury?
    • Permanent or temporary injury?
    • Scarring tissue?
  • Any other relevant factor

Please note that this motorcycle accident compensation calculator applies to all types of personal injury claims and not just motorbike accidents. The number of damages our solicitors will require for a motorcycle injury settlement figure in an out-of-court settlement will depend upon the seriousness of the injuries and the impact on your quality of life. So a leg fracture, for instance, will be worth the same compensation payout, whether caused by a motorcycle accident or a slip at work. With all that said, this motorbike compensation calculator will provide a rough guide on the average compensation for a motorcycle accident.

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How Is a Motorbike Compensation Claim Award Determined?

The amount of motorcycle injury compensation a motorcyclist can claim in a road traffic accident will be determined by a judge who will award damages depending on the injury's extent, the pain and suffering level, and the duration. The longer the suffering, the greater the compensation paid for the motorcycle injury claim at or out of court. The judge will also consider the claimant's age, sex and any pre-existing conditions or illness that may be affected.

Motorcycle Injuries to Body Compensation Calculator

As well as physical condition, the judge will consider any mental anguish, mental health or psychological trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Where serious injuries result in scarring, a plastic surgeon may be required to assess the level of scarring tissue and determine if any surgery or cosmetic intervention can reduce the appearance of the scarring. Generally, more compensation payouts are made to females than males if scarring is permanent, especially to the face, legs and arms, all of which are visible.

The charts and diagrams above indicate motorbike injury compensation payouts you may receive if you are potentially successful in your motorbike crash claim following an accident. In addition to the damages awarded by the court, you may also claim the following losses:

  • Compensation for the damage to your motorcycle
  • Damage to your helmet or replacement
  • Damage to your clothing or replacement
  • Loss of earnings, bonuses and holiday time
  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Care and helper costs
  • Any other losses as a direct result of your injury

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Why Motorcyclists Are More at Danger Than Other Road Users

If you have suffered an injury in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a motorbike crash claim. We understand that obtaining compensation for motorbike injury claims can involve complex and factual specialist knowledge. Motorcyclists often suffer very serious and potentially life-changing injuries if they are involved in a motorbike accident and are particularly at risk from injuries as they are more exposed and have less protection than other motorists. This lack of protection in the form of features such as headrests and seatbelts has contributed to the higher rates of injuries and fatalities amongst motorcyclists compared with any other group of road users. Although motorcyclists represent only 1% of traffic on the UK’s roads, they account for 19% of the deaths and serious accidents reported each year. Find out more about fatal motorbike accidents in our dedicated guide.

We recognise that riding a motorbike is a very different experience to driving a car and that a completely different set of considerations come into play when representing a motorcyclist who has been involved in an accident. Our principal solicitor, Ronnie Hutcheon, has over 27 years of experience in dealing with compensation for these type of claims and has represented clients involved in motorbike accidents with complicated circumstances and on a national basis.

The injuries sustained in motorbike accidents range from minor to catastrophic and in many cases, the motorbike gets damaged beyond repair. Claiming for compensation allows motorcyclists to be compensated for all losses caused by either the driver or local authority’s negligence including personal injuries, damages to the motorbike, loss of earnings, other expenses and any of these losses that are likely to continue into the future.


Making a Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claim

If you believe you have a claim for motorcycle accident compensation, call our experienced team of solicitors on 0151 724 7121 or complete the contact form for a free, initial conversation. We will be in touch to discuss your specific situation, explain the average compensation for your motorcycle accident, and see how we can help process your motorcycle injury claim. We offer a No Win, No Fee policy, which means you will obtain 100% of the compensation paid directly to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Motorcycle Compensation

We hope this guide has answered many of your queries on motorcycle accident compensation, but if not, please see some answers to frequently asked questions below. Contact us if you have any other questions not listed.

What does No Win, No Fee mean?

All our motorcycle accident compensation claims are dealt with under a No Win, No Fee policy. This policy means that you will only pay our solicitor fees if your claim is successful. No Win, No Fee is legal protection insurance that helps us process your claim without requiring any fees from you. You shouldn't have to worry about paying our fees in the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful. There are no upfront charges or hidden prices. We're committed to helping you win the damages you deserve.

What if I'm partly responsible?

You may still be able to make a motorcycle compensation claim even if you hold some responsibility for the accident as long as another party is also responsible. We will help you build a strong case highlighting the effects of the accident on your life. The case will consider the percentage of your responsibility, and any compensation will reflect this. Therefore, while accepting partial liability can reduce the damages awarded to you, pursuing compensation can remain helpful. We can advise on this scenario in further detail during the initial no-obligation consultation.

What's the average compensation for a motorcycle accident?

As explained above, several factors can influence the compensation you will receive. Therefore, we cannot provide a single figure showing the average compensation. Motorcycle compensation can range anywhere between £100s to £100,000s! The tables above show the average compensation payouts for specific injuries following a motorcycle accident. The more injuries you have and the greater their severity, the more compensation you will receive. Other damages, including expenses, will also affect the overall payout. If you've been involved in a motorcycle accident, we highly recommend contacting us to receive an estimation of how much compensation you could be due based on your situation.

Can I claim on behalf of a family member for motorcycle compensation?

We do everything we can to support victims of motorcycle accidents to help them recover and receive compensation, but we recognise there are some situations where they may be unable to make a claim themselves. A family member may be appointed to claim for their loved one. One example is through a 'power of attorney', which gives legal entitlement for someone to make decisions on behalf of another person because they're unable to or no longer want to. An appointed representative may be able to claim for someone if they have a physical or mental disability, whether it was caused by the accident or not, that leaves them unable to claim. Motorbike accidents can be severe, so injuries like brain damage that render the victim incapable of functioning for themselves can be common. If someone has died following a motorcycle accident, families can claim to cover things like medical fees, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of dependency.

For more information on the compensation you can expect, the following are a few motorcycle crash settlement examples.


Case Studies

Mrs. Walton’s Claim - Pillion Motorcycle Accident Rider

The first example of a motorcycle crash settlement in the UK we will look at involves Mrs Walton, who was travelling as a pillion passenger on the back of her husband’s motorbike. Her husband took a dangerous manoeuvre as he overtook on a bend when it was unsafe and collided with a motor car coming in the opposite direction. Mrs Walton, who was riding as a pillion passenger, sustained the following injuries:
  • Cracked and broken ribs
  • Collapsed right lung
  • Broken leg
  • Multiple scratches and grazes
  • Psychological damage, including nightmares and reliving the accident
She was able to make a complete recovery from her injuries, both physical and emotional, within 3 years. She was awarded an out-of-court settlement of £18,000 for her injuries alone. She also recovered her loss of earnings, care claim and the cost of her helmet and leathers.

Mr. Connors' Claim - Car Collision

This unfortunate motorbike accident involved the motorcyclist colliding with a car which resulted in a serious injury to his left knee. Upon impact with the car, he fell down to the left with the motorcycle on his left leg and his body twisted. His left knee remained swollen and painful and he was diagnosed as having sustained a medial collateral ligament injury as well as instability of the knee.As the injuries were deemed severe by the court, the motorcyclist was awarded £37,500 for personal injury.

Mr. Finnis’ Claim - Unable to Work

In this accident a motorcyclist was severely injured and unable to continue with his employment. He was aged 29 and was a highly skilled flooring craftsman. He sustained multiple life threatening injuries which include brain damage, partial loss of sight and visual clarity in the right eye. He also sustained a fractured skull, numerous facial fractures, fractured pelvic bone and femur, burst left eardrum and multiple scars and abrasions. The result of the brain damage was that his memory and concentration were very poor and he often became irritable and aggressive if not controlled by prescribed medication. He could no longer continue with his employment.The injured motorcyclist was awarded £95,000 for his personal injuries. His total award was £1,487,562.33 which included his loss of earnings and interest.  

Mr. Leesmith’s Claim - Knee Amputation

A motorcyclist aged 24 was seriously injured in a collision with a car. The driver drove his car out, turning on the motorcyclist’s left hand side with a view to turning right into the road on which the motorcyclist was travelling on. The motorcyclist suffered injuries to his left leg which led to an amputation of the left knee. There was also a fracture to a finger on his right hand which resulted in permanent damage and affected his ability to grip and carry items.The motorcyclist concerned was embarking on a career in lighting design for the rock industry which would have earned him a substantial amount. However, due to the accident, he could no longer pursue this line of work.He was awarded £1.15m for his personal injuries and various other losses plus £603,424.53 for loss of earnings.  

88 Sessions of Intensive Physiotherapy Example

The claimant’s bike collided with a car and he suffered a very painful knee injury which required several major operations and reconstruction, in medical terms “a comminuted intra-articular fracture of the left knee as well as a dislocation of the left knee joint and fracture of both posterior tibial condyles”. He had an open reduction and internal fixation of both sides of the tibia with arthroscopic fixation of the anterior cruciate ligament. He returned home in a cast brace which remained on his leg for three months. He has had several further arthroscopic procedures on his knee joint and has attended 88 sessions of intensive physiotherapy over the years.Finding for the claimant, he recovered for his injuries 70,000 euros past and 40,000 for future (the reason the judgment is in euros is because the case was heard in High Court of Ireland). As well as other out of pocket expenses, the other major award was for the sum of 50,000 euros for loss of employment prospects. The claimant was a self employed plasterer and could not return to his pre-accident work due to his injuries. This head of claim could have been greater but for the fact that the claimant had good connections within his profession.  

Accident At a Junction Example - £218,404.41

The claimant was riding his motorcycle at the junction when he was hit by a car. He sustained a serious motorbike injury to his left knee and his accident solicitors agreed to apportion blame with the defendant driver on a 75/25 split in favour of the claimant.On impact, the claimant fell down to the left with the motorcycle on his left leg and his body twisted. He could not put any weight on his left leg when he got up from the road. Although an x-ray failed to identify any fracture, the claimant’s left knee remained swollen and painful. He was diagnosed as having sustained a medial collateral ligament injury as well as instability of the knee. An MRI scan showed a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament as well as a bucket-handle tear of his lateral meniscus as well as degerative changes.On deciding how much compensation to award arising from the motorbike accident, the claimant’s solicitor noted that as a consequence of the claimant was “disabled” within the meaning of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (“the 1995 Act”).The judge awarded the motorcyclist compensation for his injuries and out of pocket expenses as follows:
  • Pain and suffering : £37,500
  • Past loss of earnings: £2,845.36
  • Knee replacement surgery: £8,500
  • Revision knee surgery: £8,704.80
  • Loss of future earnings: £86,114.05
  • Loss of pension: £64,470
  • Loss of widow’s pension: £4,687.40
  • Loss of life insurance: £5,582.80
At total of £218,404.41. The amount was reduced by 25% to reflect the agreed apportionment of blame to £163,803.30 for the claim.  

Pedestrian Aged 29, Multiple Injuries (2012) - £50,000

Pedestrian, aged 29, was struck at a crossing by a motorcyclist which resulted in her being thrown into the air and knocked completely unconscious. The pedestrian was then transferred to hospital with multiple injuries, such as:
  • Severe Head and Brain Trauma (Subdural Hematoma – Bleed on Brain) – Valued to £10,670
  • Back and Spinal Injury (Fracture of Vertebrae) – Valued at £23,210
  • Pelvic Injury (Fracture of Pelvis & Diastasis of Pelvis) – Valued £6,440
  • Bruising to Face, Torso and Limbs – Valued at £580 to £1,160
  • Scarring to Pelvis, Head, Shoulder, Leg and Ankle – Valued at £11,500
Following the accident, the pedestrian was transferred to a specialist unit for assessment and treatment for her brain trauma and injuries where she had a plate inserted into her pelvis. She was discharged three weeks later. Following her stay at hospital, she stayed with family for several weeks to help rehabilitate back in to normal life and recover. However, the accident had a knock-on effect which has lasted months / years later:
  • Feelings of Weakness
  • Mobility Issues (Use of Crutches)
  • Assistance Required for Everyday Tasks
  • Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy)
  • Chronic Headaches
Furthermore, the injuries have massively affected the life of the woman who was due to be wed a few months after the accident. Prior to the accident she participated in athletic activities such as running, cycling and so on which she was unable to continue. She remained off work for several months and was unable to return full-time. The pelvic injuries have also made it unlikely for her to give birth naturally, with the likelihood being that she would require a caesarean section – a traumatic scenario for a woman who was previously contemplating children.The damages compensation award for this accident were valued in the region of £50,000.  

Car Driver Drives Across Motorcyclists Path (2011) - £152,849

Motorcyclist, aged 48, was knocked from his motorbike when another road user drove his car across his path. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital having sustained several major injuries:
  • Leg Injuries (Fractured Tibia & Knee, Thigh Laceration) – Valued at £12,400 to £21,890
  • Shoulder Injuries (Soft Tissue Damage & Subacramonial Impingement) – Valued at £2,050 to £3,630
  • Back Injuries (Fracture of Central Posterior) – Valued at £6,600 to £10,450
Prior to the accident, the motorcyclist was a self-employed builder but he was no longer able to carry on working due to injury and required training. When deciding the compensation, the court took into account his enthusiasm for work and the estimated age that he could potentially have continued working until (figure given as 65 years of age).The damages and loss of earnings incurred following this accident were valued at £152,849.  

Injuries to Pelvis and Hands (2010) - £55,000

Motorcyclist, aged 51, was riding his bike when approaching a junction with a car on the opposite side indicating to turn right. The motorcyclist slowed down when the car seemed to give way so the biker continued to accelerate, the car then turned right into the path of the motorcyclist. The motorcycle rider was de-seated and slid across the road into another vehicle, causing multiple injuries:
  • Pelvic Injury (Unstable Pelvic Fracture) – Valued at £3,000 to £6,440
  • Hand Injuries (Dislocation of Hands & Thumbs) – Valued at £4,510 to £11,110
  • Medical Procedures (Blood Transfusion)
Following the accident, the motorcyclist was required to undergo numerous surgeries on his pelvis and hands, some of which resulted in infections. Internal fixators and pins were inserted in damaged areas. The accident meant that the biker was required to stay in hospital for several months.After being discharged, the accident still had a long-lasting effect on the motorcyclist – some aspects likely to last forever, such as:
  • Mobility Issues (Use of Crutches) Chronic Pain (Arthritis & Pelvic Pain) – Valued at £17,600 to £32,180 Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) Scarring from Surgeries Loss of Dexterity (Restriction of Thumb Use) Possibility of Future Surgeries for Pain Relief
The motorcyclist worked as an engineer prior to the accident, working on aircrafts in a highly skilled role. His injuries have caused him to struggle with tasks he would have been able to complete previously; he was forced to take on a sedentary role upon returning to work. The accident has also knocked his confidence in physical activity, such as cycling and running, this being something he used to take part in on a regular basis.The damages compensation awards for this accident were valued at £55,000.  

Multiple Injuries to Spine, Head, Pelvis, Leg and Hand (2008) - £3m

A biker, aged 37, was knocked from his motorbike after a car collided with him, liability was admitted straight away. As a result of the crash the motorcyclist sustained:
  • Spinal Injury (Fractured Spine) – Valued at £76,120 to £134,590
  • Head Injury (Fractured Skull) – Valued at £10,670 to £15,000
  • Pelvis Injury (Fractured Pelvis) – Valued at £65,560 to £109,450
  • Leg Injury (Broken Legs) – Valued at £45,840 to £70,700
  • Hand Injuries (Dislocated Wrist & Hands) – Valued at £22,630 to £44,260
Experts agreed that the injuries were severe, resulting in several life-changing and long-lasting effects that the biker would suffer from, the main issue being paraplegia. This included:
  • Bladder Problems (Incontinence & Urinary Infections) – Valued up to £117,700
  • Mobility Issues (Use of Wheelchair & Crutches, Paraplegia) – Valued at £183,150 to £237,600
  • Impotence – Valued up to £124,030
  • Chronic Pain (Arthritis)
  • Rehabilitation (Hydrotherapy & Acupuncture)
  • Psychological Issues (Required Support and Management) – Valued at £50,050 to £84,150
The biker was an outgoing motor mechanic who was very much interested in physical activities such as cycling and football. His fiancée provided him with 24/7 care for 5 years following the accident. All things taken into consideration, such as need for care, living arrangements to accommodate his capabilities and so on; the damages for this case, including loss of earnings, were awarded at a figure in excess of £3,000,000.  

Struck by Car, Knee Injury (2007) - £42,000

Motorcyclist, aged around 50 years at time of accident, had been riding his bike when he was struck by a car and injured, suffering from:
  • Knee Injury (Ruptured Ligament) – Valued at £21,890 to £39,000
Following this, the biker underwent surgery. However, it was clear that his knee was deteriorating and a replacement knee would be required within a year or so. The knee would be free from pain but problems were still present:
  • Mobility Issues (Difficulty Walking, Climbing Stairs etc.)
  • Unable to Work (Previously a Mechanic)
  • Possible Complications (Risk of Arthroplasty)
In these circumstances, the appropriate level of damages for pain and suffering were calculated at £42,000.  

Minor Arm and Leg Injuries (2006) - £3,500

Motorcyclist, aged 32 years, was set to fly out for a holiday when, the day before he was due to travel, he was involved in a road traffic accident. The biker was thrown from his motorbike trying to avoid a car that pulled out on him, this resulted in:
  • Arm Injuries (Abrasions) Leg Injuries (Abrasions)
The biker still went ahead with the holiday when, during the flight, he began to suffer pain in the injured areas – he visited a GP upon landing and was given a neck brace and painkillers. Once he returned home, the pain had mostly resolved after a few months. Damages and compensation for this case were valued at £3,500.  

Female Injured Riding Pillion (2006) - £42,000

Woman, mid-thirties, sought compensation for damages that she suffered as pillion passenger on a biker’s motorcycle when it lost control and threw her off. The passenger sustained several injuries as a result of the accident including a head injury which in turn resulted in:
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Fatigue & Tiredness
  • Poor Short-Term Memory
  • Poor Attention Span
She returned to work. However, the effects of the accident had taken its toll on her working life and prevented her from further training. Damages for this case were valued at £42,000 in compensation calculated by her solicitors and decided by a court hearing by a judge.  

Spinal and Back Injury (2001) - £8,000

Motorcyclist, in his early 20’s, suffered multiple injuries when he was thrown off his motorcycle. Following the accident, he was taken to hospital where it was diagnosed he had sustained:
  • Spinal Injury (Cervical Spine Bruising)
  • Back Injury (Stiffness and Bruising)
He was working as an engineer at the time and as such the injuries affected him for several months, also preventing him from taking part in physical activity, something he previously enjoyed. In the weeks following, the motorcyclist experienced:
  • Lack of Mobility (Difficulty Performing Everyday Tasks)
  • Stiffness (Result of Bruising)
  • Anxiety and Depression (Required Counselling)
Recovery from the accident was a long process. By 18 months, the effects were minimal and a full recovery was noticed after 26 months. Compensation value for this case was calculated at £8,000.  

Struck by Car at a Junction (1999) - £45,000

Biker, aged 46, sustained injuries when he was struck by a car whilst stationary at a junction. The car hit him whilst turning from a main road and trapped the motorbike rider underneath the vehicle. The injuries sustained by the rider include:
  • Leg Injuries (Fractured Tibia & Abrasions)
  • Knee Injuries (Crushed Knee)
Following the accident, the motorcyclist underwent an operation on his knee to insert a plate and screws. This resulted in:
  • Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy)
  • Hospital Stay
  • Mobility Issues (Use of Crutches)
The injuries sustained and eventual recovery meant that the biker was required to leave work for around 7 months, returning to work part time later on. Furthermore, there were multiple long-term effects he still suffered from:
  • Chronic Pain (Knee Caused Pain)
  • Stiffness (Could Not Kneel Down)
  • Difficulty Performing Everyday Tasks
  • Likelihood of Future Surgeries (Knee Replacement Eventuality)
Overall damages compensation paid out for this case were estimated at £45,000.  

Young Motorcyclist With Wrist and Lower Body Injuries - £8,000

A young motorcyclist, fell of his motorbike after losing control of the steering. The cause was a manhole cover in the road, although liability was never established. The injuries sustained included:
  • Wrist Injuries (Fractured Wrist)
  • Lower Body Injuries (Lacerations)
Although the motorbike rider complained of diminished flexibility in his wrist, the actual effects were minimal and cleared up after 18 months. The damages sustained by the motorcyclist were calculated in the region of £8,000, this value would be inflated given changes to contemporary compensation awards.  

Damages for Whiplash and Leg Injuries - £30,000

Motorbike rider, aged 20, damaged in a road accident which left him suffering from multiple injuries including:
  • Abrasions (Soft Tissue Damage & Whiplash)
  • Leg Injuries (Fractured Tibia)
Although the biker recovered quickly from initial abrasions and whiplash, the motorbike injury to his leg was more serious, requiring surgery to insert pins and screws and time in hospital. The long terms consequences of which were:
  • Stiffness and Discomfort
  • Possibility of Future Surgeries
  • Work Absence
  • 10% Risk of Arthritis
Furthermore, pre-accident, the motorcycle rider was a keen athlete – a past time which he was forced to abandon given changes to his body after surgery. The compensation award for this case was calculated at £30,000, the value of which would be increased post-2013.  

Delivery Driver Thrown From Bike - £36,000

A delivery driver was thrown from his motorbike when at work, resulting in him sustaining various injuries:
  • Lacerations (Face, Head & Right Hand)
  • Hand Injuries (Fractured Hand)
  • Torso Injuries
The result of the accident meant that the biker was required to stay in hospital for a week, during which time he underwent surgery to his abdomen. The injuries in turn brought on other problems, such as:
  • Re-occurring Headaches
  • Stiffness
  • Giddiness
  • Scarring (Face, Wrist & Torso)
  • Hand Deformity (Disability)
  • Depression
The accident left the motorcyclist anxious about riding, something he has not taken part in since. He was also required to take time off work due to changes to his body, particularly his hand which was not as dextrous as pre-accident. The effect of the accident was likely to last a life time. The value for compensation award for damages in this case were calculated at £36,000  

Struck From Car At The Rear - £15,000

Motorbike rider, aged 32, sustained several injuries when a car struck him in the rear whilst stationary. The biker suffered from:
  • Neck Injury
  • Back Injuries (Spine & Lumbar Region)
Following the incident, the motorcyclist had x-rays taken of his spine and was told he was fit to go home. However, he was having difficulty controlling his head because of pain and symptoms from the crash had not eased. This meant the rider:
  • Required Physiotherapy
  • Suffered Stiffness and Chronic Pain
  • Discovered a Pre-Accident Back Problem
  • Developed Sleep Problems
It was some three years later that the initial problems from the accident began to subside. The value of this claim was calculated at £15,000 for compensation damage awards.  

Uneven Road Surfaces Causes Fractured Clavicle - £4,300*

Motorcyclist, aged 18, was riding on a road surface which due to on-going maintenance was uneven, causing him to fall off his motorbike. After the accident it was diagnosed that the biker had sustained:
  • Shoulder Injuries (Fractured Clavicle)
This resulted in the motorbike rider being required to wear a sling for several weeks, meaning he was unable to work. The initial pain resolved after a couple of months but discomfort when lying on his side was present, along with when the biker leant on his elbow. This case was valued at £4,300 for damages compensation, this calculated fee would be higher in a contemporary market.*A compensation award for a fracture of the clavicle is very much dependent upon the extent of the fracture and level of disability. A frozen shoulder for instance will result in an award between £6,000 to £10,000 with symptoms persisting for two years or more.  

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