Body Injuries

June 20, 2018

Injuries Involving Paralysis


Neck Injuries
Severe (incomplete paraplegia)£109,000£119,900
Moderate to severe with permanent damage£53,075£105,875
Moderate to severe damage to soft tissues/tendons£20,185£31,130
Fractures and dislocations, limitation of movement£11,110£20,185
Whiplash, disc lesion need for surgery£11,110£20,185
Whiplash, complete recovery within a few years£6,380£11,110
Whiplash recover within one to two years£3,520£6,380
Whiplash recover within one year£1,705£3,520


Back Injuries
Severe, not involving paralysis£73,700£130,130
With bladder/bowel impairment etc£59,950£71,500
With disc lesions, depression & severe pain£31,350£56,375
With crush vertebrae, osteoarthritis, pain£22,440£31,350
With prolapsed discs, laminectomy, some pain£10,120£22,440
With sprains, strains, full recovery expected.£1,705£6,380


Shoulder Injuries
Serious, dislocations, permanent weakness£15,510undefined
Moderate, with some limitation/discomfort£6,380£10,340
Minor, recovery with a year£3,200undefined
Fracture of the Clavicle£4,180£9,900


Chest Injuries
Loss or removal of one lung£81,400£121,330
Traumatic injury with permanent damageundefined£81,400
Damage causing some continuing disability£25,300£44,330
Minor to moderate injuriesundefined£14,520
Fracture of ribs with full recovery£2,900£3,190


Lung Disease (Including Asbestos claims)
Causing serious disability and premature death£50,000£65,000
Mesothelioma, lung cancer or asbestosis£40,000£50,000
Causing quite severe impairment£27,500£40,000
Breathing difficulties, use of inhaler£16,000£27,500
Pleural plaques with no serious symptoms£10,500£16,500
Pleural Plaques (provisional damages)£5,500£10,000


Severe and permanent£34,815£53,075
Chronic, requiring frequent use of inhalerundefined£34,760
Restrictive function, affecting work£15,510£21,230
Mild, recovery within a few months£3,800£4,180


Digestive System
Severe damage, continuing pain and discomfort.undefined£50,050
Moderate, aggravated by physical strain£13,585£22,440
Minor to moderate£5,390undefined


Reproductive System: Female
Infertility (young)£115,000£136,000
Infertility with children£14,520£29,700
Failed sterilisation£7,500undefined


Reproductive System: Male
Total Impotence Young Man£110,000£119,000
Total Impotence withchildren£57,000£64,000
Sterility without impotence (man without children)£46,000£58,000


Serious impairment to both kidneys£136,950£169,950
Total loss of natural kidney function£47,000£51,700
Loss of one kidney£24,860undefined


Total loss of natural function£110,300£121,330
Moderate to severe loss of function£22,000£50,000
Minor to moderate£1,000£22,000


Total loss of natural function and control£103,250£113,575
Moderate to severe loss of functionundefined£64,625
Minor to moderate£18,920£25,300


Total loss with risk of infection/disorders£16,830£21,230
Moderate with minimal risk of infection£3,520£6,985
Minor to moderate£1,000£2,100


Severe Continuing Pain, limitation of movement£12,100£19,525
Moderate to severe£5,665£7,370
Minor to moderate£2,750£5,830