Car Pulls Out on Side Road

June 20, 2018

When Drivers Fail To See Motorbikes

Car Pulls Out of Sider Road

Car Pulls Out of Side Road

A pulling out of a junction accident is extremely common. This is one of the most common accidents on the road involving a motorcycle where a motor car pulls out of a side road at a junction into the main road. The motorcyclist has the right of way but quite often they will fail to be seen by the motorist. It is important that all motorists think “BIKE” when at a junction, but instead it’s quite often that the motorist pulls out and causes an accident.

Should this occur, in the opinion of our motorbike claims solicitor Ronnie Hutcheon, there is a good motorcycle compensation claim to be made by the motorcyclist against the motorist. However, there may well be blame on the motorcyclist or pedal bike rider as overtaking can also be risky.

Car Pulls Out on Motorcylist

Car Pulls Out on Motorcyclist

It is important that it is distinguished from another similar accident claim where the motorbike rider is overtaking a stationary or slow-moving line of traffic. In that case, a Powel v Moody type blame will be raised against the motorbike rider claim.

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