Video Footage Captures Dramatic Pile-Up

June 27, 2018

Dramatic footage has surfaced of a motorbike accident occurring as it shows the motorcyclist sent tumbling into the path of a truck after a dog ran out into the road and caused an accident pile-up.

The footage was captured on the helmet-cam of a woman riding a black Kawsaki Ninja. The video shows a man on a dirt bike just missing the dog. The dog is sent hurtling across the other side of the road as the biker flies over the handlebars. Behind is a man on another dirt bike who is forced to take evasive action to avoid riding into his friend and causing further harm.

Moments before impact however the man is able to jump out the way and into the other lane of traffic as the truck passes – saving his life in the process. Later in the video the woman filming the action unintentionally bumps into the first biker to come off after he rolls into her path. The clip concludes with the other motorcyclists dismounting their bikes and running to their injured friend.

Click here to watch the video.