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Motorcyclist’s Are 40 Times More Likely To Die In An Accident

Research Reports Show Alarming Figures For Motorcyclists According to the latest research, motorcyclist’s in the UK are between 38 and 40 times more likely to die in an accident on the road than standard car drivers; yet motorcyclists only comprise of 1% of the overall road traffic. There are roughly…

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The Essential Accessories For Cyclists

The Best Accessories For Cycling Safe Sometimes no matter what you do or say, from a safety point of view, you cannot avoid an accident on UK roads. The ability to stay safe is a priority as you cannot defend yourself from a huge lump of metal on four tyres…

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Rehabilitation After The Loss of a Limb

As motorbike accident solicitors, we appreciate that limb loss has a serious affect upon the victim. Limb loss is obviously permanent and visible but what others do not appreciate is the psychological damage that affects the victim as well as their close friends and family. Psychological support is not only…

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