Is Driving a Motorcycle Worth the Risk?

February 22, 2022

Riding a motorcycle can be a gratifying and exhilarating experience, but it can also put your life at risk. This begs the question, is being a motorcyclist worth the risk?

Motorcycles present the opportunity to enjoy a fun and lively hobby as well as allow you to get from place to place with ease. However, there’s no doubting the fact that the life of a motorcyclist can be a dangerous one. If a motorcycle accident occurs, the chances of a fatality or serious injury are far more likely than for any other road user.

It’s challenging to provide a solid answer as to whether the gains of being a motorcyclist are worth the risk. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the risk is worth taking, your preferences, and several factors. However, in this article, we will do our best to weigh up the pros and cons of riding a motorcycle from a neutral perspective.

Why Do People Like Motorcycles?

Let’s start with the positives! There are several reasons why people choose to venture into the adventurous life of a motorcyclist. First of all, riding a motorcycle is not just about having a vehicle that takes you from place to place. Owning a motorcycle becomes a passion, a hobby and even an addiction. In many ways, it’s a lifestyle choice. Motorcyclists are generally more dedicated to their vehicle than car owners, mainly in part because owning a motorcycle is a more unique and difficult purchasing decision to commit to.

Riding a motorcycle provides a whole new sense of freedom, and it engages all of your senses more than if you were stuck inside the dull interior of a car. Therefore, going on exciting journeys and seeing stunning sights is far more enjoyable than any other self-drive transport option available to you. Rides are guaranteed to fill you up with adrenaline and ensure you get a thrill no matter where you go.

One of the main reasons people choose a motorcycle lifestyle is for the social opportunities that it opens up. It allows you to join a motorcycle club and hang out with people who share the same passion and interests that you do. Motorcycle clubs often do fun activities together, including riveting rides to which you otherwise wouldn’t give a second thought. Not to mention, riding a motorcycle comes with a special attraction, tagging you as a ‘cool’ person to hang out with. Friends will be left in awe, and romantic hopefuls will flock to you! Owning a motorcycle is a unique and interesting decision that acts as a conversation starter, ensuring people will often ask you questions about it.

Motorcycles are, of course, like any form of transport, an excellent way to get around for your day-to-day requirements. This type of vehicle is compact and far more convenient than driving a car. You will find that parking is easier and you can weave in and out of traffic, helping you avoid long queues and guaranteeing a quicker commuting time.

Motorcyclists are believed to benefit from a boost to their physical and mental health. Being a motorcyclist can relieve stress and anxiety, improve awareness and stability, strengthen the hands, and counter depression with the release of happy hormones.

The Accident Risks to Consider

While motorcyclists only account for a small percentage of traffic on British roads, the risk of severe injuries or death is extremely high. Accident statistics released in 2018 show that motorcyclists are 62 times more to die in a road accident than car drivers.

While driving a motorcycle is convenient and exciting, it comes with far less protection than any other type of vehicle. Cars drivers have the benefit of interior protection, seatbelts and airbags, and improved stability and control. In comparison, motorcyclists are mainly protected by helmets and padded clothing. A relatively straightforward collision from behind may cause a car driver to suffer minor injuries such as whiplash, whereas a motorcyclist is likely to experience serious injuries by being flung off their vehicle.

The reduced protection means that any type of accident can be extremely dangerous for a motorcyclist. Common motorcycle accidents and hazards include collisions with other vehicles, defective roads, potholes, and slippery surfaces such as diesel spillages.

Running Costs for Motorcycles

When considering if riding a motorcyclist is worth the risk, it is just not the lifestyle impact and accident risks that you should consider. Owning any type of vehicle is a costly investment and one of life’s most expensive decisions, perhaps only topped by buying a house. Therefore, you should take into account the financial impact of owning a motorcycle and look at how it compares with owning a car.

The costs associated with a motorcycle or a car will vary depending on factors like the model, your age and location, and so on. Generally speaking, however, a motorcycle is nearly always the more economical option. Upfront costs, insurance premiums, road tax, fuel, and maintenance are often cheaper for motorcycles.

Defensive Motorbike Riding is Key

Avoid accidents is critical to have the freedom of riding a bike. Defensive motorcycle Knowledge of the key dangers that riders face will assist in spotting the dangers is critical to reducing the risk of serious injury or even death.  Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the primary hazards motorcyclists encounter is pivotal in preemptively identifying potential dangers. By recognising and anticipating risks such as distracted drivers, road debris, and abrupt changes in traffic conditions, riders can proactively adjust their riding strategies.

Essential defensive riding techniques include maintaining a safe following distance, staying visible to other motorists through proper positioning, and consistently scanning the road environment for potential threats. Additionally, advanced rider training and continuous skill development contribute significantly to enhancing one’s ability to navigate challenging situations. In a dynamic and often unpredictable road environment, defensive motorbike riding stands as a crucial skill, empowering riders to mitigate risks and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.


Common Cycle Accidents You MUST be aware of

As part of defensive motorcycle techniques we as motorcycle solicitor have put together the most common accidents that cyclist will encounter.  By being aware of these dangers it will reduce you chances of injury or death on the roads no matter where in the country or indeed world you find yourself.  Many of these common cycle accidents are applicable to all two wheel riders, including motorcycles, pedal bikes and electronic scooters.

To find out the most common injuries to cyclists please click on our link below.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Examples


Making a Motorcycle Accident Claim

We don’t believe that other people should stop you from doing a hobby and transport that you love. Riding a motorcycle is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and there shouldn’t be health risks that stop you from doing so. If you have sadly been involved in an accident, you can make a motorcycle accident claim. Claims are there to provide victims with financial support following an accident caused by someone else’s negligent actions on the road.

We are specialist motorcycle claims solicitors that will support you through the entire process. We will ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation, providing you with the necessary support to overcome your physical and mental suffering. Start the process online by filling in our simple form. Our solicitors will listen to you and offer free advice. If you wish to proceed with a claim, we will guide you every step of the way and build a strong case in your favour.