The Latest Safety Equipment to Help You Avoid a Fatal Bike Accident

May 9, 2022

To help you avoid a fatal bike accident, we’ve collated a round-up of the latest safety equipment that motorcyclists and cyclists should invest in.

Whether you ride a motorbike or a bicycle, it’s vital that you take steps to protect yourself on the roads. While this type of transport is enjoyable and cost-effective, it can be risky if you don’t take safety seriously. You have far less protection than motorists on the road.

There are several hazards that can cause a serious road traffic accident, from a human error to environmental conditions. Careless driving, potholes and spillages are just a few of the main risks you can face. Should they suffer an accident, motorcyclists and cyclists are much more likely to endure severe and life-changing injuries. Death is, sadly, not a rare occurrence in these types of accidents.

While you cannot entirely rule out an accident, you can take steps to soften the impact of a collision. Investing in high-quality safety equipment can be the difference between minor discomfort to death. In today’s article, we will look at some of the best 2022 safety equipment you should consider.

Approved Helmets

It goes without saying that your very first purchase should be a safety helmet. We are always shocked when we see people riding a motorbike or bicycle without wearing a helmet. Even with the recent surge of e-scooters, there are too many people taking to the roads without recognising the dangers. Safety helmets have been proven time and time against to significantly reduce the risk of serious head injuries. A head injury is one of the most life-changing injuries you can suffer. Motorists are legally required to wear a helmet that meets British safety standards, which is why you should buy an approved helmet. While cyclists are not legally required to do so, they are highly recommended to prevent serious injury. A safety helmet is your first line of defence should an accident occur. Helmets will also protect you from bugs and strong winds and make the experience far more enjoyable. Wear your helmet at all times, even if your ride is expected to be a short trip.

Padded Clothing

Next up, we have the tried and trusted padded clothing. Motorcyclists, in particular, should always wear padded clothing when stepping on their bikes. Thick clothing can include jackets and trousers. Should you collide and fall off your bike, your outer layers will help cushion the impact as you land. This may seem like a small touch, but cuts and scrapes can be nasty and extremely painful. The clothes will also ensure you stay warm and dry, especially in poor weather conditions. Plus, who likes being stung or bitten by an insect while riding!

Leather Gloves

Similar to the above, we highly recommend that you wear leather gloves. An accident can leave you in agony should your bare heads collide with the pavement or another obstacle. Leather is better than most other materials at providing padded protection. The life of a motorcyclist is about style as much as it is convenience, so who wouldn’t want to rock up to their nearest hang out while sporting intimidating gloves? Nowadays, you can even purchase connected gloves. These gloves use Bluetooth functionality to control your phone and navigation systems through your gloves.

Suitable Footwear

Of course, your footwear is vitally important while riding. Motorcyclists should most be interested in a comfortable and flexible boot that has been designed solely for use with motorbikes. These boots will usually be sturdy and offer over the ankle protection. If the theme isn’t already evident, suitable boots will not only improve your riding experience but also significantly reduce the impact of an accident. Cyclists, on the other hand, should be on the lookout for lightweight but reflective shoes that ensure smooth cycling while bolstering their presence to other road users.

LED Lighting

Now we start to get onto more unique and futuristic equipment! One of the risks with motorcyclists and cyclists is that they are much harder to see by car, bus and lorry drivers. There is where LED lighting can be used to enhance your visibility. You can equip your motorbike or clothing with LED lighting to make yourself more visible to others and to see a clearer view of what’s around you. You can even purchase a motorcycle LED helmet!

Airbag Vests

One of the key differences between a car and a motorcycle or bicycle is the lack of airbag technology. Thankfully, airbag vests and jackets are now a thing. These types of clothing use sensors to detect when there is a dangerous impact. When an impact is detected, the airbag will be activated. Airbags are fantastic for softening the of a collision, helping to prevent serious injuries.

Learn More About Fatal Motorbike Accidents

A fatal accident is a harrowing experience for any person to endure, especially if negligent behaviour is to blame. If you lose a loved one due to an unexpected death, you may suffer increased financial hardship as a result. This is why compensation is in place to help families cope following a fatal accident. Please visit our fatal motorbike accidents page to learn more about this specific type of accident.

We are specialist fatal accident solicitors and will do everything in our power to make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. If you are the victim of a fatal motorbike or bike accident, start your claim with us.