5 of the Most Dangerous Types of Bikes for Accidents

May 10, 2021

Riding a motorbike or a pedal bike can be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience. For many people, this is a hobby for them. Riding adventures can be a thrilling way of visiting new locations, forming new friendships, and enjoying the breeze on a gorgeous sunny day. It is a way of connecting with the world and gaining a new sense of freedom that isn’t possible with any other form of transport.

However, the benefits of riding a motorbike or pedal bike can be overshadowed by the dangerous consequences. Most people enjoy motorcycling adventures with no problems, but unfortunately, accidents that do happen can be extremely serious. For several reasons, there are certain types of motorbikes that can lead to serious accidents more than any other type of bike, five of which we will explore in this blog post.

In this new article from our motorcycle accident claims solicitors, we look at some of the most dangerous types of bikes that can lead to an accident…

Three Wheelers

Three-wheelers, also commonly called trikes, become popular in the 1980s. As the name should tell you, these bikes only have three wheels, making them much more difficult to handle and far easier to lose control of. Three-wheelers are known for their instability and their dangerous handling characteristics. Due to the bike’s weight distribution, most of the grip is at the rear of the bike. A certain type of three-wheeler is an all-terrain vehicle that poses even more of a danger. In fact, in certain countries, ATVs are banned. Three-wheeler ATVs are often used by young people, even children, who fancy a bit of a thrill ride. However, the smaller someone is, the less weight there is for counterbalance. One of the biggest dangers is that the bike may tip over at low speeds, crushing or trapping the rider.


The cruiser is one of the most popular motorbikes, so it’s no surprise that they see a lot of accidents. Cruisers very much so fit the classic biker stereotype, complete with leather-wearing riders. They are often associated with biker gangs and have been featured in television shows like Sons of Anarchy. Popular brands include Harley-Davison and Honda. The reputation alone makes the cruiser a bike to watch out for. Cruiser bikes are typically one of the heaviest bikes you can found, so if you crash and the bike falls on top of you, the injuries can be severe.

Scrambler Bikes

The popularity of scrambler bikes has soared in recent years, particularly in the United Kingdom. Sadly, the bikes don’t have a great reputation given how they are most commonly used. Throughout the country, scrambler bikes have been used by gangs for criminal activity. Gangs regularly use scrambler bikes to evade police due to their speed and off-road functionality, a tactic that frustrates police forces because of restrictions on how they can and cannot engage in a chase. Many gun shootings have involved gangs on scrambler bikes. Whether involved in illegal activity or not, riders often have a clear disregard for the law or public safety and find themselves showing off on the road in a reckless fashion.

Modified Bikes

Modified bikes are typically formed as part of a person’s pet project. While it can be a fun and worthwhile hobby, these bikes are usually built with a lack of experience, knowledge and talent. Work on a modified bike is often conducted in a person’s garage instead of a professional environment with specialists. You can usually find modified bikers being sold on online selling platforms, such as Gumtree, and they may be advertised as custom bikes, cafe racers, bobbers, or projects. Modifications of any type of vehicle can be a risky move, especially when replacing important original components with modified pieces.

Electric Scooters

Another type of bike that has become more popular in recent years is the electric scooter. E-scooters are still considered to be high risk so much that they are only allowed in certain circumstances. In the UK, the use of an electrical scooter is only permitted on private land except for public places where a trial is currently running. Since 2020, the government has introduced e-scooter trials in select cities across the country. The trials still have several safety rules in place, such as limiting scooters to local areas, allowing a maximum of one person to ride the scooter, and preventing mobile phone usage. Riders must have at least a provisional driving license with category Q entitlement and only rented scooters are allowed. Despite their casual reputation, electrical scooters can be dangerous. E-scooters can reach high speeds and they are treated in the same vein as motor vehicles, requiring that they are kept to roads while driving. People can underestimate the dangers of electrical scooters and ignore the road rules that others must follow. The biggest risk comes when they are used by inexperienced drivers and young people.

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