Leg Injury

June 26, 2018

Are you a cyclist who has suffered a leg injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault? There are several injuries included in this category including paralysis, sterility, hip injuries and leg fractures.

Keep reading to see how much a cyclist could be awarded in damages for their leg injury.

Injuries Involving Paralysis


Total in young males£113,000£124,300
Middle aged males with children£34,760£63,360


Most severe cases (younger claimants)£92,950£136,950
Minor to moderate(much older males)£13,800£15,180


Pelvis and Hip Injuries
Moderate (dislocations/impotence)£21,505£31,625
With leg instability, hip replacement£10,175£21,505
With some permanent disability£3,190£10,175
Minor to moderate£2,900£3,190


Leg Injuries
Total Loss of Both Legs£194,700£227,975
Below-knee Amputation of Both Legs£162,800£218,350
Above-knee Amputation of One Leg£84,700£111,100
The Most Serious Injuries short of Amputation£77,825£110,000
Serious leg injuries£44,330£68,365
With multiple fractures, limited movements£22,440£31,680
Fractures with incomplete recovery£13,200£14,520
Simple fractures£7,370£11,385


Knee Injuries
Severe, with disruption of the joint£56,375£77,770
Moderate, permanent injury£42,130£56,375
With some instability or deformity£11,900£21,500
With dislocation, torn cartilage, wasting£7,500£13,500
Minor injuries£1,000£7,500


Ankle Injuries
Severe with deformity and degeneration£25,000£35,000
Moderate with some instability£16,000£25,000
With ligamentous tears, metal work, scarring£6,500£13,500
Minor undisplaced fractures, some scarring£1,000£6,500


Achilles Tendon
Severe with restriction of movement£18,500£20,000
Serious with some limitation of movement£12,500£15,500
Moderate with no significant disability£7,500£9,000
Minor soft tissue£1,000£5,000


Foot Injuries
Amputation of Both Feet£85,000£100,000
Amputation of One Foot£42,000£55,000
Severe with permanent disability£42,000£55,000
Severe with substantial restriction on mobility£23,000£34,000
Serious with multiple operations£12,500£20,000
With displaced fractures some deformity£6,750£12,500
Simple fractures, puncture wounds£3,000£ 6,750


Toe Injuries
Amputation of All Toes£18,500£28,250
Amputation of the Great Toe£14,000£15,000
Crush injury just short of amputation£6,750£14,000
Moderate toe fractures£1,000£6,750