Body Injuries

June 26, 2018

Have you been involved in a cycle accident that wasn’t your fault? You could be entitled to compensation depending on your body injury, which could include whiplash, bowel impairment, and fracture of the ribs.

See below for a guide to the damages cyclists may receive for their body injuries.

Injuries Involving Paralysis


Neck Injuries
Severe (incomplete paraplegia)£109,000£119,900
Moderate to severe with permanent damage£53,075£105,875
Moderate to severe damage to soft tissues/tendons£20,185£31,130
Fractures and dislocations, limitation of movement£11,110£20,185
Whiplash, disc lesion need for surgery£11,110£20,185
Whiplash, complete recovery within a few years£6,380£11,110
Whiplash recover within one to two years£3,520£6,380
Whiplash recover within one year£1,705£3,520


Back Injuries
Severe, not involving paralysis£73,700£130,130
With bladder/bowel impairment etc£59,950£71,500
With disc lesions, depression & severe pain£31,350£56,375
With crush vertebrae, osteoarthritis, pain£22,440£31,350
With prolapsed discs, laminectomy, some pain£10,120£22,440
With sprains, strains, full recovery expected.£1,705£6,380


Shoulder Injuries
Serious, dislocations, permanent weakness£15,510undefined
Moderate, with some limitation/discomfort£6,380£10,340
Minor, recovery with a year£3,200undefined
Fracture of the Clavicle£4,180£9,900


Chest Injuries
Loss or removal of one lung£81,400£121,330
Traumatic injury with permanent damageundefined£81,400
Damage causing some continuing disability£25,300£44,330
Minor to moderate injuriesundefined£14,520
Fracture of ribs with full recovery£2,900£3,190


Lung Disease (Including Asbestos claims)
Causing serious disability and premature death£50,000£65,000
Mesothelioma, lung cancer or asbestosis£40,000£50,000
Causing quite severe impairment£27,500£40,000
Breathing difficulties, use of inhaler£16,000£27,500
Pleural plaques with no serious symptoms£10,500£16,500
Pleural Plaques (provisional damages)£5,500£10,000


Severe and permanent£34,815£53,075
Chronic, requiring frequent use of inhalerundefined£34,760
Restrictive function, affecting work£15,510£21,230
Mild, recovery within a few months£3,800£4,180


Digestive System
Severe damage, continuing pain and discomfort.undefined£50,050
Moderate, aggravated by physical strain£13,585£22,440
Minor to moderate£5,390undefined


Reproductive System: Female
Infertility (young)£115,000£136,000
Infertility with children£14,520£29,700
Failed sterilisation£7,500undefined


Reproductive System: Male
Total Impotence Young Man£110,000£119,000
Total Impotence withchildren£57,000£64,000
Sterility without impotence (man without children)£46,000£58,000


Serious impairment to both kidneys£136,950£169,950
Total loss of natural kidney function£47,000£51,700
Loss of one kidney£24,860undefined


Total loss of natural function£110,300£121,330
Moderate to severe loss of function£22,000£50,000
Minor to moderate£1,000£22,000


Total loss of natural function and control£103,250£113,575
Moderate to severe loss of functionundefined£64,625
Minor to moderate£18,920£25,300


Total loss with risk of infection/disorders£16,830£21,230
Moderate with minimal risk of infection£3,520£6,985
Minor to moderate£1,000£2,100


Severe Continuing Pain, limitation of movement£12,100£19,525
Moderate to severe£5,665£7,370
Minor to moderate£2,750£5,830