Arm Injury

June 26, 2018

If you are cyclist who has sustained injuries to your arm, you could be entitled to thousands in damages. Your injury could include fractures to one or more arm, loss of fingers, and loss of wrist function.

Check out how much you could claim for your arm injury below.

Upper Limbs
Loss of Both Arms£194,700£242,550
Loss of One Arm£100,800£110,880
Severe damage short of amputation£77,715£105,875
Severe fractures one/both arms, permanent injury£31,625£48,400
Less Severe with substantial recovery£15,510£31,625
Simple fractures with complete recovery£5,390£15,510


Elbow Injuries
Severe with major loss of function£31,625£44,330
Moderate, with some permanent loss of function£12,650£25,850
Simple fractures, lacerations with full recovery£9,250£10,175


Wrist Injuries
Severe with complete loss of function£38,500£48,400
With significant permanent disability£19,800£31,625
With some permanent disability, pain, stiffness£10,175£19,800
With recovery complete£3,000£6,500
Colles’ fracture£5,450£5,995


Hand Injuries
Total or Effective Loss of Both Hands£113,575£162,800
Serious Damage to Both Hands£45,430£68,365
Total or Effective Loss of One Hand£77,715£88,660
Amputation of Index, Middle and/or Ring Fingers£50,050£73,315
Severe Fractures to Fingers£27,000£29,700
Total Loss of Thumb£28,710£44,330
Total Loss of Index Finger£13,750£15,125
Partial Loss of Index Finger£9,845£15,125
Moderate thumb injuries£7,810£10,175
Total Loss of Middle Finger£11,500£12,650
Fracture of Index Finger£7,370£9,900
Amputation of Little Finger£4,500£6,000
Severe dislocation of Thumb£ 2,000£3,250
Fracture of One Finger£1,000£2,000


Vibration White Finger


Upper Limb Disorders [Worked Related]
Severe with surgery & loss of employment£17,710£18,700
Symptoms resolving within 2 – 3 years£12,100£13,200
Complete recovery within 2 years£6,985£8,690