How much compensation for my injuries?

Motorbike claims

As specialist motorbike claims solicitors we are often asked ‘how much are my injuries worth?’

We will always give you an honest answer upon the evidence we have available.  Without any expert medical evidence to advise, this can be difficult and we can only offer general advice.

Motorbike compensation claim payouts

The guide below offers general guidance only on the amounts of possible compensation claim payouts paid to you if you have been in involved in a motorbike claim or cycle accident claim.








Why only guidelines?

As motorbike claims solicitors, we can only provide general outline of compensation amounts when a client ask us ‘how much are my injuries worth’? or are looking for a quick and ready answers to a motorbike accident claims calculator. Why?  This is because every single case is individual.

In law you ‘take the victim as you find them.  So if a cyclist injured in an accident is likely to suffer more than another with similar injuries (physical and/or psychological) then the former is likely to obtain more compensation than the latter.

By clicking on the above link you will find out in general terms what you injury claim is worth.

What else can you claim?

The compensation awards for injury is also subject to additional amounts that cyclists can recover including:

  • Damage to your bike
  • Damage to clothing/leathers
  • Damage to helmet
  • Loss of earnings/loss of profit if self-employed
  • Loss of bonus
  • Care claims
  • Medical claims
  • Travel expenses
  • Insurance excess
  • Protection of no claims bonus
  • and more…

Contact us to make a claim

So if you are thinking, how much compensation for my injuries, there is only one firms of solicitors to contact, the motorbike claims solicitors now for maximum compensation and professional advice.





Posted: November 17, 2017 at 9:00 pm