Head Injury

June 20, 2018

Head Injury from Bike Accident Payouts

If you have suffered a head injury from a bike or motorbike accident, whether you have an eye injury, nose fracture, teeth damage, brain injury or another head injury, you could be able to receive thousands in damages.

View the average compensation rates for head injuries to motorcyclists and cyclists below.

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Eye Injuries
Total Blindness and DeafnessTo£326,700
Total BlindnessTo£217,250
Total Loss of One Eye£44,330£53,020
Serious loss of vision in one eye£39,820 £44,330
Minor to some permanent impairment£7,370 £16,940


Total Deafness and Loss of Speech£88,660£113,575
Total Deafness£73,315£88,660
Total Loss of Hearing in One Ear£25,300£36,850
Severe deafness/tinnitus£23,980£36,850
Moderate deafness/tinnitus£12,100£23,980
Some hearing loss/tinnitus£10,175£12,100
Slight hearing loss/slight tinnitus£5,150£5,665


Impairment of Taste and Smell
Total Loss of smell/taste£28,750£31,625
Loss of Smell£20,185£26,620
Loss of Taste£15,510£20,185


Facial Injuries
Fractures of Frontal Facial Bones£19,250£29,700
Multiple Fractures of Facial Bones£12,100£19,360


Fracture of Nose
Fracture of nose (serious)£8,580£18,700
Fracture of nose (displaced)£3,190£4,125
Fracture of nose (minor)£2,035£2,530


Fractures of Cheekbones
Serious requiring surgery, disfigurement£8,250£12,760
Moderate – simple fractures£3,520£5,225
Minor fractures£1,870£2,420


Fractures of Jaws
Serious requiring surgery, arthritis, pain£24,640£36,850
Moderate – simple fractures£14,520£24,640
Minor fractures£5,225£7,040


Damage to Teeth
Loss/Damage to several front teeth£7,040£9,240
Loss two front teeth£3,520£6,160
Loss of one front tooth£1,782£3,190


Facial Disfigurement
Very Severe Facial Scarring (young female)£39,160£78,650
Very Severe Facial Scarring (young male)£24,090£53,075
Moderate scarring (female)£24,530£39,160
Moderate scarring (Male)£14,520£24,310
Minor (female/male)£1,375£2,860


Damage to Hair
Serious, regrowth of hair is poor/slow£5,940£8,910
Moderate damage£3,190£5,940



Make a Bike Head Injury Claim

The above figures provide an estimate of how much your head injury may be worth. Head injuries can be one of the most serious consequences of a motorbike or bike accident. You shouldn’t have to suffer alone or with financial hardship. If you have suffered a head injury from a bike accident within the last 3 years, we would be happy to hear from you. We are specialists in accident claims and will be able to help you claim back the compensation that you deserve. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will listen to you and explain how we can help you and how much we expect to claim as part of the compensation process.

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