Head Injury

June 20, 2018

Eye Injuries
Total Blindness and DeafnessTo£326,700
Total BlindnessTo£217,250
Total Loss of One Eye£44,330£53,020
Serious loss of vision in one eye£39,820 £44,330
Minor to some permanent impairment£7,370 £16,940


Total Deafness and Loss of Speech£88,660£113,575
Total Deafness£73,315£88,660
Total Loss of Hearing in One Ear£25,300£36,850
Severe deafness/tinnitus£23,980£36,850
Moderate deafness/tinnitus£12,100£23,980
Some hearing loss/tinnitus£10,175£12,100
Slight hearing loss/slight tinnitus£5,150£5,665


Impairment of Taste and Smell
Total Loss of smell/taste£28,750£31,625
Loss of Smell£20,185£26,620
Loss of Taste£15,510£20,185


Facial Injuries
Fractures of Frontal Facial Bones£19,250£29,700
Multiple Fractures of Facial Bones£12,100£19,360


Fracture of Nose
Fracture of nose (serious)£8,580£18,700
Fracture of nose (displaced)£3,190£4,125
Fracture of nose (minor)£2,035£2,530


Fractures of Cheekbones
Serious requiring surgery, disfigurement£8,250£12,760
Moderate – simple fractures£3,520£5,225
Minor fractures£1,870£2,420


Fractures of Jaws
Serious requiring surgery, arthritis, pain£24,640£36,850
Moderate – simple fractures£14,520£24,640
Minor fractures£5,225£7,040


Damage to Teeth
Loss/Damage to several front teeth£7,040£9,240
Loss two front teeth£3,520£6,160
Loss of one front tooth£1,782£3,190


Facial Disfigurement
Very Severe Facial Scarring (young female)£39,160£78,650
Very Severe Facial Scarring (young male)£24,090£53,075
Moderate scarring (female)£24,530£39,160
Moderate scarring (Male)£14,520£24,310
Minor (female/male)£1,375£2,860


Damage to Hair
Serious, regrowth of hair is poor/slow£5,940£8,910
Moderate damage£3,190£5,940