Arm Injury

June 20, 2018

Upper Limbs
Loss of Both Arms£194,700£242,550
Loss of One Arm£100,800£110,880
Severe damage short of amputation£77,715£105,875
Severe fractures one/both arms, permanent injury£31,625£48,400
Less Severe with substantial recovery£15,510£31,625
Simple fractures with complete recovery£5,390£15,510


Elbow Injuries
Severe with major loss of function£31,625£44,330
Moderate, with some permanent loss of function£12,650£25,850
Simple fractures, lacerations with full recovery£9,250£10,175


Wrist Injuries
Severe with complete loss of function£38,500£48,400
With significant permanent disability£19,800£31,625
With some permanent disability, pain, stiffness£10,175£19,800
With recovery complete£3,000£6,500
Colles’ fracture£5,450£5,995


Hand Injuries
Total or Effective Loss of Both Hands£113,575£162,800
Serious Damage to Both Hands£45,430£68,365
Total or Effective Loss of One Hand£77,715£88,660
Amputation of Index, Middle and/or Ring Fingers£50,050£73,315
Severe Fractures to Fingers£27,000£29,700
Total Loss of Thumb£28,710£44,330
Total Loss of Index Finger£13,750£15,125
Partial Loss of Index Finger£9,845£15,125
Moderate thumb injuries£7,810£10,175
Total Loss of Middle Finger£11,500£12,650
Fracture of Index Finger£7,370£9,900
Amputation of Little Finger£4,500£6,000
Severe dislocation of Thumb£ 2,000£3,250
Fracture of One Finger£1,000£2,000


Vibration White Finger


Upper Limb Disorders [Worked Related]
Severe with surgery & loss of employment£17,710£18,700
Symptoms resolving within 2 – 3 years£12,100£13,200
Complete recovery within 2 years£6,985£8,690