Ankle Injury

June 20, 2018

Claim Example For an Ankle Injury

Example of a motorbike accident at a T junction

Collision at a T Junction

In this claim example we report on a accident where a motorcyclist was hit by a car at a “T” junction and dragged along the road. The main injuries the claimant sustained were to the ankle region. Please note that some facts and information of this case analysis have been removed or changed to ensure that confidentiality is preserved.

This incident occurred when the claimant was riding his motorbike along the road when he was hit by a car turning at a T junction. The motorbike was stationary at the time and the victim recalls that on impact he fell to the ground under his motorbike and was then dragged along the road for an estimated 3-4 metres. The motorcyclist was wearing a crash helmet, motorcycle jacket, jeans, gloves and trainers.

The claimant suffered a sprain injury to his right ankle and was treated for shock at the scene of the accident. He was able to stand walk with a limp and following the attendance of police and paramedics, he was transported to his home and then self referred himself to hospital. A nurse examined the motorcyclist and he was informed that he had sustained a soft tissue injury to his right ankle and was advised to take Ibuprofen tablets as necessary. No x-rays were taken.

The morning following the accident, the victim woke with discomfort and swelling in his right ankle. He noted some early signs of visible bruising and was only able to walk with a limp. Five days after the incident, the claimant consulted with a doctor who confirmed the soft tissue injury and advised him to continue using analgesic medication as necessary.

The pain symptoms in the motorcyclist’s ankles receded as the swelling and bruising faded and the injury was fully resolved ten weeks after the accident. He claimed that the accident had made him more of a cautious driver such as looking in the rear view mirror more often, required him to take a day off work, and made him unable to play cricket during the summer season. His general social activities and daily domestic tasks had not been affected by the injury, nor had he experience any phobic anxiety symptoms in relation to travel.

The motorbike claims client has noticed that since the accident he has been a more cautious motorcyclist. He is more aware of the movements of other road users and he looks more often in his rear view mirror, however the client explains that he has not experienced any true phobic anxiety symptoms in relation to travel.

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