Motorbike Injuries are so serious due to the vulnerability of bikers as opposed to people injured whilst sat in vehicles. A team of firefighters have shared vital, life-saving advice with Motorcycle Maintenance students.

Around 20 students took part in a ‘Biker Down’ course to learn what to do in the immediate aftermath of a crash.

The aim of Biker Down, which is taught by volunteers from the emergency services, is to reduce the number of motorbike injuries or fatalities’ on the roads.

The course was split into three sections: accident scene management; basic first aid including CPR and safe helmet removal; and, finally, the science of being seen.

Motorbike injuries

Motorbike injuries

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are one of the few groups of road users whose involvement in serious or fatal accidents have actually gone up in the last year.

With motorbike injuries and accidents, often the first person on the scene is another biker, and if they can take some of the right actions then that is of great benefit.

Many hobbies or sports can be dangerous, but it’s all down to being aware and driving appropriately to the conditions and within the law.  When it goes wrong for bikers, it tends to go wrong quite badly because they’re not as protected and they’re more exposed to serious injury, so anything that can be done on the scene initially can help to save a life.

Once the collision has occurred, or the rider has lost control
through some other mishap, several common types of injury occur when the
bike falls.  See our website for more information.

Posted: January 31, 2017 at 12:45 pm