Motorbike fatal accident claim

Motorbike fatal accident claims

Motorbike fatal accident claims solicitors noted that fifty-nine people have been killed in motorbike fatal accidents in Lincolnshire in 2016, which is the worst record of fatal accidents since 2007 when 79 died.

The death toll in 2016, on 22nd December, sadly equalled more than one person every week and included four of whom were aged 17 to 24, six pedstrians and three cyclists.

Motorbike fatal accident claim

Motorbike fatal accident claim

There were also three double-fatal crashes, and more than a fifth of the total fatalities were people aged over 60.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman John Siddle said the focus of its work in 2017 would remain around young bikers and mature drivers, and in addition, so-called distraction driving from mobile phones and other gadgets. He said: “In 2017 we are going to be doing more work around scooter riders. The problem we face is that many 16-year-olds only have a moped for a year then they get a car so they don’t see why they should pay for anything more than the basic riding course. “We offer driving courses for the over 60s and this year we removed the £30 charge as an incentive. “We know that mobile phones are an issue and in 2017 we hope there will be tougher penalties introduced, as we will be running a campaign around usage while driving. “We will highlight the tougher penalties and our campaign on distraction driving will also look at the consequences of texting at the wheel and the fact that social media can take your eye off the wheel for longer than ever before.”

As experienced motorbike compensation solicitors we understand that the compensation is of little consequence immediately following the loss of a loved one as a result of a tragic fatal motorbike accident.

Getting to the truth of how the fatal accident happened and how the motorcyclist died is a priority. Once this has been established then the compensation for the motorbike death claim becomes an important factor to ease the financial burden and to help the bereaved family to come terms with a sudden and tragic loss.

Posted: January 26, 2017 at 12:38 pm