Pothole Accident Claims

The roads aren’t always in the most ideal state around the UK, which is why many motorcyclists are wary of large potholes in the ground and general damage to roads, made worse recently by adverse weather conditions.

Potholes are a big problem for car drivers and an even greater danger for motorcyclists, with the potential to cause serious accidents.

Motorcyclists are at serious risk of injury if they ride over a pothole. Having only just two wheels on the ground and a lower weight than cars, motorcycles are ill-equipped to handle potholes.

Coupled with fewer safety features, motorcycle accidents caused by potholes are very deadly. Although other vehicles are also at risk of getting into a road traffic accident because of a pothole, it is motorcyclists whose chances of getting into a serious accident when going over a pothole are greatly increased and possibly deadly.

This is why pothole accident claims are one of the most popular types of motorbike accident claim made by motorcyclists in the UK.

This is why it is extremely important to consult with a firm of motorbike accident solicitors experienced directly in pothole motorbike accident claims in order to ensure that full amounts of accident compensation are awarded to the injured party as a result of their pothole motorbike accident. As expert motorbike accident solicitors we will deal with your case FREE OF LEGAL COSTS win or lose so you will receive 100% of your motorbike accident compensation. For more details of our pothole motorbike accident free service Click here.

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Posted: June 6, 2015 at 8:05 pm