Defective Road Claims

A defective road is something that can often cause motorcyclists to lose control and crash or collide with an object or another vehicle. Compared with other vehicles, motorbikes are more prone to skidding, particularly on slippery road surfaces such as mud, oil or ice.

Motorcyclists are particularly at risk from injuries if they are involved in an accident as they are more exposed and have less protection than other motorists. This lack of protection in the form of features such as headrests and seatbelts has contributed to the higher rates of injuries and fatalities amongst motorcyclists compared with any other group of road users.

Common types of road defect causing motorbike accidents include:

  • Oil spillages from other vehicles can result in a motorbike accident.
  • Potholes, sunken drains and loose gravel can alter the surface of the road and cause a motorbike accident.
  • Natural debris from the surrounding area like tree branches, mud and leaves are also a risk for motorcyclists.
  • Certain roads in the winter are prone to ice coverings. If there is no grit or an insufficient amount of grit then road traffic accidents can arise.
  • Loads which have fallen off trucks or lorries can be very dangerous for motorcyclists, particularly on roads with high speed limits.

To be successful in your defective road motorbike accident claim you will need to show evidence that the road the accident occurred on was defective. Other people involved in the accident may try to argue otherwise and suggest that it was the high speed of the motorcyclist which was to blame. It is therefore important that you contact our experienced motorcycle accident solicitors as soon as possible to discuss your defective road motorbike accident claim on 0800 011 2757 or 0151 724 7121 or complete our online contact form and we shall contact you!

The injuries sustained as a result of a defective road can range from minor to catastrophic and in many cases the motorbike gets damaged beyond repair. Claiming for motorbike accident compensation allows motorcyclists to be compensated for all losses caused by the motorbike accident, including personal injuries, damages to the motorbike, loss of earnings, other expenses and any of these losses that are likely to continue into the future.

At Motorbike Accident Solicitors we offer a No Win No Fee policy which means that you get 100% of the compensation paid directly to you!

If you believe that you have had a motorbike injury caused by a defective road and it was not your fault then please contact us today on 0800 011 2757 or 0151 724 7121 or complete our online contact form and we shall contact you!

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Posted: June 6, 2015 at 8:06 pm