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Motorbike Compensation Claim Payouts Calculator

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Therefore as motorbike accident claim solicitors we have produced a quick case guide below.  For general guidance about compensation amounts click here Motorbike Injury payouts

Mrs. Walton’s Claim (Pillion Motorcycle Accident Rider – Multiple Injuries)


Below is a case example of a motorbike compensation claim payout calculator.  Mrs. Walton was travelling as a passenger (pillion) on the back of her husband’s motorbike. Her husband took a dangerous manoeuvre as he overtook on a bend when it was unsafe to do so and collided with a motor car coming in the opposite direction. Mrs. Walton who was riding pillion sustained the following injuries:-

1. 4 cracked and broken ribs.
2. Collapsed right lung.
3. Broken leg.
4. Multiple scratches and grazes.
5. Psychological damage including nightmares and reliving the accident.

Overall she was to make a complete recovery from her injuries both physical and emotional within 3 years. She was awarded an out of court £18,000 for her injuries alone. She also recovered her loss of earnings, care claim and the cost of her helmet and leathers.

Mr. Connors Claim motorbike compensation payout


This unfortunate motorbike accident involved the motorcyclist colliding with a car which resulted in a serious injury to his left knee. Upon impact with the car he fell down to the left with the motorcycle on his left leg, and his body twisted. His left knee remained swollen and painful and he was diagnosed as having sustained a medical collateral ligament injury as well as instability of the knee. As the injuries were deemed severe by the court, the motorcyclist was awarded £37,500 for personal injury.

Mr. Finnis’ Claim motorcycle compensation payout calculator


In this accident a motorcyle accident rider was severely injured and was unable to continue with his employment. He was aged 29 and was a highly skilled flooring craftsman. He sustained multiple life threatening injuries, which include brain damage, partial loss of sight and visual clarity in the right eye. He also sustained a fractured skull, numerous facial fractures, fractured pelvic bone and femur, burst left eardrum and multiple scars and abrasions. The result of the brain damage was that his memory and concentration were very poor and he often became irritable and aggressive if not controlled by medication prescribed. Obviously he could no longer continue with his employment.

The injured motorcyclist was awarded £95,000 for his personal injuries. His total award was £1,487,562.33 this included his loss of earnings and interest.

Mr. Leesmith’s motorbike compensation Claim payout


A motorcyclist aged 24, was seriously injured in a collision with a car. The car driver drove his car out from a turning on the motorcyclist’s left hand side with a view to turning right into the road on which the motorcyclist was traveling on. The motorcyclist suffered injuries to his left leg which led to an amputation of the left knee. There was also a fracture to a finger on his right hand, which resulted in permanent damage, which affected his ability to grip and carry items.

The motorcyclist concerned was embarking on a career in lighting design for the rock industry which would have earned him a substantial amount but due to the accident he could not pursue this line of work.

He was awarded £1.15m for his personal injuries and various other losses plus £603,424.53 for loss of earnings.

Motorbike Accident Collision payout of compensation calculator


The claimant’s bike collided with a motor car and he suffered a very painful knee injury which required several major operations and reconstruction, in medical terms “a comminuted intra-articular fracture of the left knee as well as a dislocation of the left knee joint and fracture of both posterior tibial condyles”. He had an open reduction and internal fixation of both sides of the tibia with arthroscopic fixation of the anterior cruciate ligament. He returned home in a cast brace which remained on his leg for three months. He has had several further arthroscopic procedures on his knee joint and has attended 88 sessions of intensive physiotherapy over the years.

Finding for the claimant, he recovered for his injuries 70,000 euros past and 40,000 for future (the reason the judgment is in euros is because the case was heard in High Court of Ireland. As well as other out of pocket expenses the other major award was for the sum of 50,000 euros for loss of employment prospects. The claimant was a self employed plasterer and could not return to his pre-accident work due to his injuries. This head of claim could have been greater but for the fact that the claimant had good connections within his profession.

Motorcycle Accident at a Junction – motorbike compensation payout


The Claimant was riding his motorcycle at the junction when he was hit by a car. He sustained a serious injury to his left knee and his motorcycle accident solicitors agreed to apportion blame with the Defendant driver on a 75/25 split in favour of the Claimant.

Motorbike side road

On impact, the Claimant fell down to the left with the motorcycle on his left leg and his body twisted. He could not put any weight on his left leg when he got up from the road. Although an X-ray failed to identify any fracture, the Claimant’s left knee remained swollen and painful. He was diagnosed as having sustained a medial collateral ligament injury as well as instability of the knee. An MRI scan showed a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament as well as a bucket-handle tear of his lateral meniscus as well as degerative changes.

On deciding how much compensation to award arising from the motorcycle accident the Claimant’s solicitor, noted that as a consequence of his the Claimant was “disabled” within the meaning of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (“the 1995 Act”).

Compensation payout calculator is summarised below

The judge awarded the motorcyclist compensation for his injuries and out of pocket expenses as follows:
i) Pain and suffering : £37,500.
ii) Past loss of earnings: £2,845.36.
iii) Knee replacement surgery: £8,500.
iv) Revision knee surgery: £8,704.80.
v) Loss of future earnings: £86,114.05.
vi) Loss of pension: £64,470.
vii) Loss of widow’s pension: £4,687.40.
viii) Loss of life insurance: £5,582.80.
At total of £218,404.41. The amount was reduced by 25% to reflect the agreed apportionment of blame to £163,803.30 for the motorcycle claim.



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