Compensation for Motorbike Acccidents

Motorbike Accident Solicitors

Compensation for Motorbike Acccidents

Have you suffered an injury in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault? At motorbike accident solicitors, we are dedicated to providing you with all the legal advice and services you need to make the process of claiming compensation as quick and simple as possible.

We understand that to obtain compensaiton for motorbike accident claims can involved complex and factual specialst knowlege particular to motorcyclists.

We know that motorcyclists often suffer very serious and potentially life-changing injuries if they are involved in a motorbike accident. We recognise that riding a motorbike is a very different experience to driving a car and that a completely different set of considerations come into play when representing a motorcyclist who has been involved in a motorbike accident.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Claims

Our Principal Solicitor, Ronnie Hutcheon has over 27 years of experience in dealing with compensation for motorbike accident claims and has represented clients involved in motorbike accidents with particularly complicated circumstances and on a national basis.

Compared with other vehicles, motorbikes are more prone to skidding, particularly on slippery road surfaces such as mud, oil or ice. A motorbike accident claim can usually be made either against the person or organisation responsible for the spillage, or against the local authority or highways agency whose responsibility it is to maintain the roads.

Motorcyclist Are Vunerable on the Road

Motorcyclists are particularly at risk from injuries if they are involved in an accident as they are more exposed and have less protection than other motorists. This lack of protection in the form of features such as headrests and seatbelts has contributed to the higher rates of injuries and fatalities amongst motorcyclists compared with any other group of road users. Although motorcyclists represent only 1% of traffic on the UK’s roads, they account for 19% of the deaths and serious accidents reported each year. Click here for more Useful Motorbike Accident Information.

Compensation for Motorbike Accidents

The injuries sustained in motorbike accidents range from minor to catastrophic and in many cases the motorbike gets damaged beyond repair. Claiming for motorbike accident compensation allow motorcyclists to be compensated for all losses caused by either the driver or local authority’s negligence including personal injuries, damages to the motorbike, loss of earnings, other expenses and any of these losses that are likely to continue into the future.

At Motorbike Accident Solicitors we offer a No Win No Fee policy which means that you still be able to obtain 100% of the compensation paid directly to you subject to terms and conditions.

For free, initial advice about your motorbike accident compensation call our Motorbike Accident Solicitors on 0800 011 2757 or complete our online contact form and we will call you back when is most convenient for you.

Value of Your Compensation for Motorbike Accident

To obtain a brief guide to our motorbike accident claims caluclator to see how much your compensation is worth please click on that link.  It will provide generic valuations of compensation amounts.

Making a claim with Motorbike Accident Solicitors…

If you believe you have a claim for motorbike accident compensation please call our motorbike accident solicitors on 0800 011 2757 or 0151 724 7121 or complete our Contact Form and we will be in touch within the hour or whatever time is preferable on your form.

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Not Happy With Your Current Solicitors?

You do not have to stay with or use your Insurance Panel Solicitors. It is easy to change and transfer your motorbike accident claim to us. Whether you are not happy with the service or just want a second opinion on your case we will be pleased to help you. Click here to find out more.

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