Motorbike Accident Claims Swerves to Avoid Car

Motorbike Accident Claims Swerves to Avoid Car

Often many motorbike accident claims arise where the motorcyclist is on the main road (and thus has right of way) and a motor vehicle pulls from a side road or from the driver’s own drive-way directly into the path of the on-coming motorcyclist.

There are two consequences that often arise where injury is caused to the cyclists and compensation sought.

  1. motorcyclist swerves to avoid the motor vehicle

In this scenario, the motorcyclist is aware of what is happening ahead of him or her and try to avoid the collision between the two vehicles.  However by taking such a drastic manoeuvre the cyclist becomes unbalanced and parts company with the motorbike.

The result is personal injury to the cyclist and damage to the motorbike.  Compensation is payable despite the fact there has been no collision.

motorbike claims cycle on road after accident

2. motorcyclist cannot avoid the collision and crashes into the car

The second scenario is that the motorcyclist fails to react in time to the motor car pulling out of the side road or pathway and crashes into the side of the vehicle, usually towards the front to middle driver’s side of the car.

The result is the same in scenario one above, compensation for motorbike injuries and damage to the bike.

Motorcycle Accidents Claims – What Can Be Claimed?

In addition to compensation for motorcycle injuries the solicitors can also claim:

a. Loss of earnings/profits if self-employed.

b. Damage repair or replacement of motorcycle.

c. Medical costs.

d. Rehabilitation costs.

e. Claim for care services provided by members of the cyclist’s family.

f. Travel and sundry expenses.

Contact Motorbike Accident Claim Solicitors

Motorbike accident claims solicitors are here to help you every step of the way.  The first thing is to call us now, we act under a No Win, No Fee, solicitor service and if we win your claim for compensation our fees are often much less than other solicitors starting at 0% success fee but most cyclist opt for our 12.5% succes fee rate.  Most motorcycle solicitor will take up to 25% of your compensation if you win your case.

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Posted: April 10, 2017 at 12:45 pm