Insurance Panel Solicitors?

Do you have Cycle Insurance?

Most cyclists making a personal injury claim (motorbike claims and cycle injury claims) will consider that their insurance company will provide a solicitor to handle their cycle accident for them and this will be free.


Think Again!

Since there has been a change of the law, solicitors which may include your insurance panel cycle injury solicitor may charge you if you WIN.  Most Solicitors will not charge if you lose under a No Win, No Fee Agreement.


Your Insurance Solicitor Could Take a Quarter of Your Compensation

The question to ask you cycle compensation solicitor is –

“How much do you charge if I win my claim?”

If they charge a success fee typically 100% it will mean that your Insurance Panel Solicitor (or any solicitor  you choose to act for you) can take a quarter of your compensation.


A Quick Guide How Much It Can Cost You


25% Compensation Costs

This if you won £5,000 in compensation, you will pay £1,250 leaving you with only £3,750.  With us, you have the ability to keep 100% of your Cycle Compensation Claim.  Talk to us now.


Don’t Get Hurt Twice!

By going with us, the expert motorcycle compensation claim solicitor you have the ability to still keep 100% of your compensation if you WIN and 0% if you LOSE.

Win 100% Compensation No Win No Fee

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