Broken Leg Injury

Motorbike injuries – Broken Leg

Motorbike injury
solicitors provide a general guide to compensation for injuries sustained in a
motorbike accident.  In this claim
example we report on a claim where a motorcyclist multiple injuries including
lacerations, bruising and a broken leg when his motorbike was collided with a motor
vehicle whilst overtaking a stationary line of traffic.

The motorbike
injuries were caused when the motorcyclist was propelled from his motorbike due
to the force of the collision.  Liability
for the motorbike accident claim was admitted subject to an allegation of
contributory negligence against the motorbike rider as he was overtaking a
stationary line of motor vehicles that over-lapped a junction.

The main injury was
a fracture to his left leg.  The
motorcyclist remained in hospital for some 12 weeks and required domestic care
in the home and out and about for approximately 18 weeks following
discharge.  The motorcyclists broken leg
was in plaster for some 8 weeks and was accompanied by soft tissue injury.  The motorbike accident solicitors were
informed that some 8 months after the motorbike injury was sustained he
complained of considerable pain in the left ankle and knee and he was referred
for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treatment lasted for several months.  Headaches were a constant complaint and
difficulty sleeping was also reported.
Some 18 months after the motorbike injuries were sustained, the motorcyclist
returned to work on light duties and eventually increased to full pre-motorbike
injury work within 24 months of the motorbike accident claim. 

Motorbike injury compensation solicitors

The motorbike injury
sustained in the accident was awarded the total sum of £16,000 due to the fracture of his right leg and various
lacerations, scrapes and scratches.  In
addition the motorbike injury meant that he was also claimed compensation for
loss of earnings for 18 weeks until he was able to return to work on light
duties.  Compensation was also obtained
by his motorbike accident solicitors for the gratuitous care he received from
his wife and mother who took turns to look after and care for him whilst he was
recovering at the minimum wage hourly rate.
Other expenses and losses were recovered in respect of the write-off
value of his motorbike less salvage, insurance excess and various medical

The above motorbike
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