Motorbike Injuries

Head, face, eyes, nose, hair, mouth etc
Arms, hands, wrists, elbows etcBody, back, neck, shoulders, lungs etcArms, hands, wrists, elbows etc
Arms, hands, wrists, elbows etcLegs, pelvis, groin, hips, knees, feet, ankles, toes etcLegs, pelvis, groin, hips, knees, feet, ankles, toes etcArms, hands, wrists, elbows etc
How much compensation for motorcycle accident? For a quick ready guide for motorbike injuries payouts click on the body part to the left.  

Please feel free to use our motorbike injuries & Cycle Injuries claim guide.  We developed this helpful interactive resource to enable our cycle accident claimants to get an idea on how certain cycle injuries can be broadly translated into compensation payment amounts.  The main purpose of the compensation dummy is to act as a compensation claims amount calculator.




Although, obviously the compensation amounts displayed can only be used as a guide, the cycle injuries may be more or less than the illustration. How much for cycle injury compensation guide is produced by motorbike accident solicitors.  If you wish to claim compensation for cycle injuries you must advice from our expert solicitors.

For expert cycle injury compensation calculations please contact us.


Motorbike injuries payouts

Compensation levels motorbike injury payouts for:

Cycle accident compensation payouts; or

Motorbike accident claims compensation payouts

Are are decided on their own facts. Solicitors when assessing how much compensation you will be awarded will have to consider:

1. The severity of the injuries.

2, Your age – the younger you are the more compensation you will receive

3. Your sex – females will receive more compensation for scarring.

4. Any pre-accident medical problems you were suffering from

Once a full factual statement has been obtained from you, your Solicitor will then obtain your full GP and Hospital Medical notes and forward these onto an independent medical expert. The medical expert will then examine you and consider the extent of your injuries and advise you. For more information on “How much compensation for motorcycle injuries?” please click on that link.


If the cycle  or motorbike accident injuries are permanent the medical expert will consider how this will affect your future such as your ability and or chances to work again and how the injuries will affect your quality of life.

Further experts may be required for severe injuries to help and advise you. Nursing care is often required and the purchase of aids and appliances such as wheel chairs, walking sticks and stair lifts.


The courts will take all the above into account. It will listen to what you have to say about the impact of the injuries on your life and the opinion of the medical experts. The courts will look to other cases similar to yours to decide how much to award you. The motorbike compensation claims dummy above provides you with a broad assessment of the cycle or motorbike accident compensation awards, averaged out from other similar cases.

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