Cycle Accident Claims

Cycle Accident Claims

Solicitors helping cyclist in claiming compensation for an accident on the road usually due to a motorist, van driver or lorry driver failing to spot a cyclists causing a collision or knocking the cyclists off his or her bike causing injury.

We are helping cyclist all over England and Wales where injury occurs due to the fault of another party.

Cycle compensation

Cycle Accident Claims

Due to the vulnerability of cyclists on the road the injuries can be life changing and serious or evan fatal.  This is where specialist cycle accident claim solicitors are needed to help you and the family as much as possible to win the claim and recover maximum compensation.

Which age group cycles the most and at risk?

2015 Cycling statistics show 17-20 year-olds made on average of 25 cycle trips each, slightly more than 21-29 year-olds at 23 each, and 40-49 year-olds at 22. The average for all ages was 17 trips.

Further to this, 40-49 year-olds on average each cycled 87 miles over the year, outstripping all other age groups – next down were 21-29 year-olds at 76. The average cycle mileage over the year for all age groups was 53 miles.


Cycle Accident Claims

Following these simple steps can aid in keeping you safe whilst cycling on the road:

  • Get a headlight if you plan on cycling in the dark
  • If you are unable to make eye contact with a driver try waving to them to make sure they know you are there
  • Slow down and don’t ride at high speeds on busy roads
  • Avoid weaving in and out of traffic
  • Ride on the correct side of the road

Expert advice cycling accident compensation

Any cyclist injured as a result of an accident should seek advice from specialist cycle accident claim solicitor so that their position is protected, expert medical treatment and advice obtained to help with maximum rehabilitation and compensation.

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Posted: April 14, 2017 at 12:55 pm