Knocked off bike compensation

Knocked off bike compensation

‘Hundreds of cyclists are involved in collisions and near misses whilst cycling every year in the UK. Majority of the time these victims are entitled to pursue a claim for compensation.’

What to do if you have been knocked off your bike?

As specialist cycle accident claim solicitors we have a very high success rate in claiming compensation if you have been knocked off your bike. It is common that cyclists are not aware of their rights, at R.James Hutcheon Solicitors  we provide specialist legal advice to inform you, provide expert guidance to get you back on track as quickly as possible.


Whether you are a professional cyclist or you simply use your bicycle to go to and from work, you are much more vulnerable to vehicles as you are completely open to the elements. To make yourself less vulnerable you should try to make sure you do the following things whilst on the roads:

  • Be fully aware of traffic around you at all times
  • Wear a helmet
  • Have a light on your bike in the dark and wear reflective clothing
  • Be aware of dangers and ride with anticipation of the dangers ahead

Biking accidents on city roads

A high percentage of bike accidents where cyclists are knocked off their bike occur on busy city roads where everyone is in a rush to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Cyclist being knocked of a bike and claiming compensation are on the rise.  In fact in a recent article there are 25 near misses of cyclist nearly being knocked off their bike every year in the UK.

That statistic is staggering alone, when you think of the potential damage and injury to the cyclist which could sadly even end in a fatal cycle accident claim.

Furthermore, a large number of collisions with lorries occur on a yearly basis. 94% of fatal accident claim collisions with lorries between 2008-2014 in London occurred on the front left side. This is a very common area for bikers to be collided with as it is the drivers blind spot.

Cycle accident bike helmet on road

In the past few years there has been an increasing awareness of the scope of a lorry’s blind spot. It is a lot bigger than people think and cyclists need to be aware of this to avoid a potential collision. To minimise a collision cyclists should not try to squeeze past a lorry in heavy traffic.

Get your legal advice cyclist solicitors

If you have been knocked off your bike with a vehicle whilst cycling, then you may be entitled to bring a personal injury claim for being knocked off your bike compensation.

Call R. James Hutcheon Solicitors to chat with one of our legal experts who will be able to advise you on the best course of action on how to proceed with your claim.

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