Cyclist Hit By A Car Compensation

Cyclist Hit By A Car Compensation

If you are a Cyclist and have recently been hit by a Car, we want to hear from you.

With specialist knowledge in this area of the law, our principal solicitor has over 27 years of experience in dealing with Cycle Accident Claims.

As Cyclist Injury Solicitors, we are dedicated in providing you with the professional legal advice and service you need to process your claim as quickly and as simply as possible.

With regards to Cyclist Accident Compensation, please see a rough guide as to the compensation you could possibly receive, by clicking on our “test dummy“.

Cycle Accident Calculator

Please note this is just an approximate guide and will change over time – if you would like to speak with our Cycle Accident Solicitors direct, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.

For similar Accident Circumstances, view our claim examples below: –

Quick Cycle Compensation Guides

Below are some screen shots for cyclists who have been injured in a road traffic accident to provide some general guidance.  For specific advice  you must contact the motorbike claim solicitors.

Cycle Leg Injuries – Calculator

Leg Injuries to cyclisits

Cycle Neck Injuries – Payouts

Neck Injuries

Cycle Back Injury – Compensation Payouts

Back injuries

Cycle foot injuries – compensation calculator

Foot and Toe Injuries

Wrist Injury to Cyclist – Compensation Payouts

Wrist Injuries

Ankle Compensation to cyclist Payouts

Ankle Injuries

For more quick guides to compensation payouts to cyclists please click on our webpage: Motorbike claims injury valuation

Cycle Accident Calculator