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Cycle Accident Compensation Calculator

To find out how much compensation you are entitled to for a Cycle Accident – use our Body Part Chart below.  This will act as a Cycle Accident Compensation Calculator for a rough guide as to Accident Compensation.

Cycle Accident Calculator

Compensation For Cycle Accidents

When Cycle Accident Compensation is being assessed, Solicitors have to take into consideration various factors in order to calculate the same.

One important factor to be assessed is the extent of the injuries sustained.

Cycle Accident Compensation will also be calculated from the age of the person who has suffered injury – the younger you are the more compensation you will receive.

Gender is also an important factor when it comes to considering compensation as when it comes to the like of scarring etc, females will receive more.

Cycle Accident Compensation Calculator

Cycle Accident payouts can differ depending on the severity of the injuries sustained.  Each case will be decided on its own individual facts.  How much you can be entitled to depends on how you have been affected by the Cycle Accident, e.g. what might be a minor injury to one person may be quite severe to another, the latter may obtain more compensation as a result particularly if there is a medical psychological development on top of the cycle injuries.

Below are some average cycle compensation payouts, a ready calculator you can use for general guidance only. Some figures may require updating so please ensure that you speak to us for a more accurate valuation of your cycle injuries.

Cycle Shoulder Injury Claim Calculator

Shoulder Injuries

Cycle Wrist Injury Claim Calculator

Wrist Injuries

Cycle Knee Injury Claim Calculator

Knee Injuries Compensation - Cyclists

Cycle Leg Injury Claim Calculator

Leg Injuries to cyclisits

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