Compensation for motorbike accident

Compensation for motorbike accident

There are many factors that determine how much compensation you will obtain when you have been injured in a motorcycle accident claim.

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Compensation Motorbike Accidents









What are the factors that affect compensation awards?

As every accident is different the same applies to individuals.  How individuals react to an injury both physical or psychological will determine the level of compensation.  The following are some pointers:

  1. How long the injury affects the cyclists.
  2. If there is any psychological trauma, the extent of the suffering and mental anguish.
  3. The body parts affected by the injury?
  4. Are the injuries soft tissue?
  5. Do the injuries involve fractures, complex or simple?
  6. If permanent injuries – how it affects the future of the cyclist.
  7. The greater the pain and suffering the greater the compensation.
  8. Experienced solicitors may be able to obtain more compensation for cyclists!

Other Factors that affect the award of damages

If , as a result of the motorbike claim, the cyclist cannot return to work thus incurring loss of earnings, this can greatly increase the compensation for motorbike accident.  Obviously damages can be obtained for the damage to the bike, helmet, clothing, leathers and other financial losses.


Posted: November 23, 2017 at 10:16 am