Cycle Accident – Change Lanes

Cycle Accident Compensation – Change Lanes

In this typical cycle compensation accident claim, there are usually two lanes and the motorist overtakes the vehicle in the nearside lane and then switches back into the nearside lane.

In so doing, the motorist fails to see the cyclist and causing an accident.  This is usually a collision or the cyclist has to take emergency avoidance action often leading to the cyclist falling off the bike and landing heavily to the floor.  Either way causing injury.

Cycle Accident Compensation Claims

Cycle Accident Car Changes Lanes

Cycle Accident Compensation Claims

Has this happened to you?

If it has or you know someone who has been injured whilst on the road riding a bike, why not contact us and we will be able to help you.  By taking action against the motorist it will have three main outcomes:

1. It usually helps improve the safety recognition of the offending motorist.

 Will reduce the likelihood of a similar cycle accident.

 2. By obtaining compensation for cycle injuries on the road,

 Will reduce the financial burden on the cyclist

 3. Achieve a sense of justice.

 By taking action, the cyclist will feel vindicated.

Cycle Accident Compensation Claims

Cycle Compensation Solicitors

We are experts in this field and will claim the maximum cycle compensation for you with our No Win, No Fee, No Worry service. Our Cycle compensation calculator will provide a general guide. We are often asked “How much compensation for a cycle injury?” our interactive guide will help you. Click here Cycle Compensation Calculator.