Bike Swerves To Avoid Car

Motorbike Swerves To Avoid A Car

Often an experienced motorcyclist rides defensively, knowing that many motorists often fail to think of motorcycles on the road when making a manoeuvre.  A momentary lapse of concentration behind the wheel can lead to catastrophic results to a motorbike rider.

A common motorbike accident scenario is where a motorist either pulls or “edges” out of a side road or crosses over a dividing white line.

In anticipation of a collision the motorcycle rider swerves to avoid a potential motorbike accident injury.  Sometimes the avoidance works, but on other occasions the motorbike rider will not avoid the motorbike and or rider being hit by the car or alternatively, the motorcycle rider will avoid the collision but will still be  injured by departing from the bike or hitting something else.

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Posted: June 6, 2015 at 8:04 pm