What Steps to Take After You’ve Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

September 26, 2018

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is no doubt a traumatic experience for all concerned. While no one wants to prepare for such a scenario, it’s useful to know what to do in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others as well as to strength your case for compensation.

Immediately after an accident it’s likely that you will find yourself in shock and unable to think straight amidst what is happening around you. Even in the weeks ahead, you may have confusion about the correct actions to pursue. To help make you more at ease and knowledgable should you get involved in an accident, here are some of the steps to take.

Check That Yourself and Others Are Safe

The very first priority that should have your full attention immediately after an accident is the safety of yourself and others within the vicinity. If anyone is injured or if the accident has caused an obstruction on the road, call the emergency services straight away and follow their instructions.

Photograph the Scene

When it is safe to do so, photograph the scene to show the immediate impact of the accident. It is also wise to capture and document your injuries as clearly as possible. Ensure that the photos are high-quality and cover multiple angles. This will strengthen your case for compensation and the results of any investigations. If the emergency services are en-route, it’s also important to preserve the scene so as not to influence the investigation (unless instructed otherwise).

Get the Contact Details of Any Witnesses

Witnesses can often be the key difference in winning an accident compensation claim versus losing the claim. Ask for the contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident and may be able to support your version of the event. Should they be happy to pass their details onto you, they may be contacted by your solicitors to help your claim.

Watch What You Say

You may be shocked and dazed after an accident, but be careful what you say when receiving treatment and attending follow-up appointments. What you say will be kept on record and your immediate description of what occurred is often the strongest piece of evidence. Don’t admit fault or use terms like ‘I fell off the bike’ when describing the situation.

Find the Best Solicitors

When you are ready to begin your claim, seek the type of experienced solicitors that will put your best interests at the forefront. Their priority should be to win the compensation you deserve and to offer the advice and support you need during the claims process. Look for a firm that will offer no obligation advice, a no win no free service, and won’t take money away from your compensation amount.

Begin Your Claim for Motorcycle Accident Compensation

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