What Should I Do If I Can’t Remember My Motorcycle Accident?

January 21, 2020

If you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident, it’s not uncommon to experience some sort of head injury depending on the impact of the accident. Helmets provide protection against serious injuries but it’s still possible to sustain a head injury. If you’ve sustained a serious head injury or became unconscious as the result of an accident, you may be unable to remember the events of what happened.

One serious example of a head injury is if there’s evidence of damage to the brain. If you’ve suffered a brain injury from a motorcycle accident, you may suffer from mild to severe symptoms and require extensive treatment. A mild traumatic brain injury may include concussion or loss of consciousness while a moderate injury can include confusion, disorientation and cognitive impairments. If you suffer from a severe traumatic brain injury, it’s possible that you will slip into a coma that could last days, weeks or even longer. The long-term effects of a brain injury may result in loss of basic functions and can lead to depressive symptoms as well as other mental impairments.

The process of claiming for motorcycle accident compensation isn’t a simple process. It’s common for the other party to dispute your version of events and to challenge their involvement in the accident. But if you’re unable to recall what happened, this doesn’t mean your case is dead before it has even begun.

While your inability to remember exactly what happened may provide certain difficulties, your account is not the only valuable evidence. In fact, even in cases where the injured motorcyclist remembers the events that transpired, it’s often the evidence of independent witnesses that can shift the probability of winning the case towards the motorcyclist.

Your accident solicitors should aim to collect evidence from witnesses at the scene. They should examine the witness statements, vehicle damage and photographs from the scene to determine an accurate idea of how the accident came to be. A case is won by determining who was responsible for the accident, such as if speeding or reckless driving was the cause. Other evidence, such as dash cam footage, can also prove vital in putting the pieces together and ensuring the motorcyclist receives the compensation they deserve for their motorcycle accident.