The 4 Steps of a Motorbike Accident Claim

February 21, 2020

Would you like to know more about the process of a motorbike accident claim? We have outlined some of the key steps towards a successful claim.

1. Treating the Claimant

When a victim has appointed a team of solicitors to manage their accident claim, the firm’s first priority should be to ensure the claimant is able to receive any treatment necessary for their recovery. Whether the client requires surgery, physiotherapy, mental help support or other forms of treatment, the solicitors should ensure there is access to what’s needed in the road to recovery.  The solicitors will also look to discuss the claim with the client in further detail and identify any difficulties that presently or potentially will hinder their life in the long-term. This will also include fully explaining the options available to the client and discussing any issues they may have with funding.

2. Investigating the Claim

As early as possible, it’s important that the solicitors work to gather evidence that can be used to build a strong case. Should it be a criminal matter, the police may also be involved in this process. Investigating the accident will usually involving talking to witnesses and preserving evidence such as photos and video footage. The solicitors will work to find out who was responsible for the accident and identify the insurance company that will be involved in paying damages. This investigation stage will involve working with independent specialists to fully assess the injuries that the client has sustained, both physically and mentally. The extent of the injuries will be used to determine the valuation of the compensation claim.

3. Negotiating a Settlement

The valuation of a motorbike accident claim will depend on several issues such as injuries sustained, rehabilitation fees, expenses accrued and how the accident has effected the day-to-day life of the claimant. When it’s clear how much the claim is worth, it’s time to approach the defendant and their representatives. The solicitors will use the evidence gathered to argue that the defendant was liable for the accident and how it has negatively affected the claimant’s functionality. By entering settlement negotiations, the solicitors will meet regularly with the defendant’s representatives or mediators. If an offer is agreed, then the process will move on to finalising the compensation claim and setting out a payment schedule.

4. Court Proceedings

If the two parties are unable to reach a settlement agreement, then the solicitors will advise that the claimant pursues with court proceedings. When this occurs, the management of the claim will move on to the court where the evidence and documents will then be exchanged. The court will lay out a timeline for the case with the eventuality of a trial. If the court sides with the claimant at trial, then the compensation claim has been successful and the court will explain the financial procedures.

Specialist Motorbike Accident Claims Solicitors

As specialist solicitors in motorcycle accident claims, we have a wealth of experience in successfully claiming compensation for clients. We are committed to approaching clients in a friendly and professional manner. We are more than happy to discuss any concerns or questions and we always keep the client updated every step of the process while clearly explaining the options available. Contact us today if you wish to pursue a claim for a motorbike accident.