Motorcyclist’s Are 40 Times More Likely To Die In An Accident

June 27, 2018

Research Reports Show Alarming Figures For Motorcyclists

According to the latest research, motorcyclist’s in the UK are between 38 and 40 times more likely to die in an accident on the road than standard car drivers; yet motorcyclists only comprise of 1% of the overall road traffic.

There are roughly 30 significant incidents per day on the UK roads. most of which usually happen at junctions. An independent inquiry proved that 80% of these accidents were caused by other parties – this includes other road users as well as local councils who are responsible for the road quality.

A recent European study that found that around 70% of all motorcycling accidents in the EU involved another four wheeled vehicle and 55% of those happened at junctions. You could argue that the driver’s did look but looking and not looking isn’t what causes accidents: it’s seeing and not seeing.

These statistics go up and down each year but one thing remains a sad constant: motorcycle related deaths and accidents will always be an alarming statistic and too many of them will always be caused by someone else.

Since 2004, the average death toll for fatal motorcycle accidents has settled at around 600 per year. The number is thankfully decreasing but serious motorbike accidents are on the rise. Check out more interesting figures on our motorbike accidents statistics page.