Medical Report For a Meniscus Knee Injury

June 27, 2018

The following information is an extract from a medical report concerning an accident claim involving a serious knee injury from a motorcycle accident. A claim for compensation has been made by the victim’s accident solicitors and some information in the report has been changed for confidential reasons.

Medical Report Following Motorbike Accident

The claimant explained that he was involved in a road traffic accident on 17th August. He was riding his motorbike, had full protective gear on and was travelling at an approximate speed of 30mph on a road when a car travelling in the opposite direction pulled across the front of his path. He was unable to avoid a collision and his bike hit the car.

The next thing he remembers is he was laying on the road and was unable to move the right leg and could not feel his right foot. An ambulance attended the scene of the accident and he was wheeled on a chair to the side of the road. He started feeling a sensation in his right leg and could walk but only at a limp. The ambulance records mentioned ‘fallen off bike’ minor injury to his right knee and advised if any pain or swelling to go to the Accident and Emergency Department. Baseline observations were pulse 68bpm and blood pressure 7661120m*Ig.

He managed to ride his bike to a local garage where he had kept his car and then went home by car. He had pain in both knees, right worse than left, and also had aching in his right shoulder. As he started developing swelling of the right knee, he attended the Accident and Emergency Department of the University Hospital of Kent. The accident recorded slight pain lateral aspect of thigh muscles. He has previously had an old injury to his right knee (anterior cruciate ligament) and was advised to take diclofenac.

Disability/Losses Consequential to the Accident

  • General day-to-day activities were severely affected for six weeks prior to operation and six weeks after the operation
  • Activities are still being affected due to the symptoms
  • Social activities were affected as he could not go to his Free Mason club duties or socialise
  • Sleep is still being affected due to the symptoms


  • He did not drive for almost 12 weeks

Leisure Pursuits/Sporting Activities

  • He has been unable to go cycling, motorbike rally or walk his dog


  • He has not returned to his pre-motorbike accident job to date
  • He now does only 15 hours per week

Care and Attendance

  • He requires help with activities like dressing, getting in and out of the bath
  • His wife helps him

How to Claim for a Knee Injury From Motorcycle Accident

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